Blocks Base Is A Free Modular Synthesizer Rig For Reaktor Player


Native Instruments has introduced Blocks Base, a free collection modular synthesis building blocks for the (also freeware) Reaktor Player virtual instrument.

The new Blocks Base expansion pack for Reaktor Player is now included for free with Komplete Start. It contains a set of 24 modules (called Blocks) which can be used to build a custom modular synthesizer rig right inside Reaktor and the freeware Reaktor Player instrument. Furthermore, the latest Reaktor update introduces a new Rack file format which allows the user to save Blocks modular patches for later use within their digital audio workstation session. The users can now also patch the different modules together right from the front panel using virtual patch cables.

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Blocks Base covers all the fundamental modular synthesizer building blocks like oscillators, filters, amplifiers, envelopes, modulators, audio mixer, oscilloscope, and more. In addition to the 24 basic modules, Blocks Base also includes a collection of Rack file presets to help new users get started with the software.

Compared to something like VCV Rack, the Blocks Base offering from Native Instruments contains a smaller number of modules but it integrates seamlessly with the DAW thanks to Reaktor Player. It doesn’t require any workarounds with virtual MIDI or audio routings. On the other hand, users who require a more versatile modular rig will need to expand the Blocks Base set with Blocks Primes ($99) which contains 23 additional modules. The video embedded below shows one of the Rack patches and some of the modules that come included with the Blocks Primes upgrade.

To download your free copy of Blocks Base, register for a Native Instruments user account (you can sign up completely free of charge) and install the Native Access license manager software. Once installed, run the app to download Blocks Base and Reaktor Player. You can also install additional software that comes for free with a Native Instruments user account (check out our article about Komplete Start for more information). Reaktor Player is compatible with all VST, AU, and AAX plugin host applications on PC and Mac. It can also be used as a standalone application.

Blocks Base is available for free download via Native Instruments (32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & MacOS, register for a free user account and download Native Access to install Blocks Base and other free content).

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  1. It’s a real bummer that this and all the latest NI instruments and effects can’t be activated offline. So unfortunate.

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