Mastrcode Music Releases FREE T-Force Alpha Plus 2 Synthesizer


Mastrcode Music has announced the release of T-Force Alpha Plus 2, a freeware virtual synthesizer for trance music production available in VST and VST3 plugin formats for compatible 64-bit DAW applications on Windows.

T-Force Alpha Plus 2 is an all-around update to its popular predecessor, the original T-Force Alpha Plus synthesizer. It includes all of the features from the first version of the plugin and introduces numerous improvements such as the inclusion of oscillator drift, more flexible envelopes, a variety of new filter types, new built-in effects, and more. The developer has provided a completely revamped user interface which now looks more modern and ensures a faster workflow.

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Some of the performance-oriented features of the original T-Force Alpha Plus were also expanded in the new version. The instrument now offers multiple voice stealing modes (hard steal, soft steal, or overlap mode) and allows the user to set the maximum polyphony anywhere between one and 128 voices. The built-in trance gate effect now comes with a new front panel which is more intuitive and offers three different retriggering modes.

With these improvements and the core features which were inherited from the original release, T-Force Alpha Plus 2 is surely one of the best trance music oriented virtual instruments on the freeware VST plugin market. It provides a mixture of raw synthesis features paired with an excellent selection of built-in effects and the all-important trance gate for creating those classic choppy pad sequences. The CPU consumption isn’t too high by today’s standards, either, and the sound quality is reasonably good for the kind of synthesizer that doesn’t obsess over trying to sound “warm” or analog. On the contrary, this virtual synthesizer will sit well in a busy trance mix and work great for layering.

You can download your free copy of T-Force Alpha Plus 2 from Mastrcode Music’s official Facebook page which is linked below. The instrument is only compatible with 64-bit digital audio workstations on Windows at the moment, although both VST and VST3 plugin hosts are supported.

T-Force Alpha Plus 2 is available for free download via Facebook (7.7 MB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST/VST3 plugin format for Windows).

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Michael Jackson


    Crashes on Reaper x64 Latest Version on Windows 7. No one else is reporting this so must be just my machine.

  2. Not crashing on Reaper x64 with Win8.1, but it does suffer from CPU spikes which cause crackling on a few of the presets. The previous version works fine.

  3. Any other source to download besides Facebook? I don’t use Facebook and would like to give it a spin.

    • I don’t use it either but you can still access the download. Use the Facebook link Tomislav provided and then click the second Dropbox link in the article for the updated (1.0.1) version. Although this new version also crackles like hell on my Reaper setup. :-(

  4. Hi. Synth looks great but I cannot seem to find or load any presets. Are any presets available? If so, where? Should I be able to find them on my hard drive somewhere? Thanks, Paul

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