Crunck V2 Is A FREE Guitar Amp Plugin Released Nembrini Audio


Nembrini Audio has introduced Crunck V2, a freeware virtual guitar amplifier in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

Crunck V2 is an updated version of the original Crunck V1 guitar amp, one of the first ever plugins developed by Igor Nembrini. After developing Crunck V1, Igor was hired by Brainworx to develop their premium range of virtual guitar amplification software. The newly released Crunck V2 plugin expands on the capabilities and the sound quality of its predecessor while remaining completely free to download and use.

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The plugin features a clean user interface with all the standard controls one would expect to find on a guitar amplifier’s front panel. The user can shape the amp’s tone using a 3-band equalizer and the presence knob. Additional controls include the input gain knob, master volume, output gain, and a bypass switch. Crunck V2 also features an IR-based cabinet simulator with 30 built-in cabinet impulse responses. External cabinet IRs can’t be loaded but the cabinet simulation module can be switched off. Thanks to this option, the user can utilize a third-party plugin for cabinet simulation.

As for the tone, Crunck V2 is mostly suitable for use in rock and pop music. It’s not designed for high-gain guitars and heavier music styles like metal and hardcore. Due to its streamlined design and simple controls, Crunck V2 is a great plugin for beginners. The plugin sounds very good, too, and it can work very well for use in music production or as a handy piece of software for jamming.

Nembrini Audio has recently released a set of freeware guitar pedal plugins, too. They are offering three freely downloadable guitar pedal plugins: Analog Rack Chorus, Analog Rack Cleaner, and Analog Rack Delay. The company is also running an 80% OFF deal on their premium software until Sunday, October 13th. Choose any piece of commercial software in their online store and enter the coupon code CRAZY80 at checkout to get the discount.

For more freeware guitar amp software, check out ToneLib GFX. EDIT: ToneLib GFX is not free anymore. Thanks to our readers who informed us about this change in the comments section.

Find more info about Crunck V2 and download your free copy of the plugin from the product page linked below.

More info: Crunck V2 (32-bit & 64-bit VST2, VST3, AU, AAX)

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  1. Loved their lofi plugin mentioned on this page a while back. This is nice! Very solid and warm feel to the tone. Using this with cabs (from other paid products) as suggested above also sounded really good to me!

  2. Just an FYI, the links in this article are now mostly broken. The link to Igor Nembrini’s site works fine, but the audio demo on Soundcloud should be at and the link to the actual Crunck VST is

    It actually sounds pretty decent, and it’s worth checking out as long as you’re not after something like the Ignite Emissary, as it’s a completely different animal.

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