ToneLib GFX Is A FREE Guitar Amp Modling Suite (VST/AU Plugin)


ToneLib has released ToneLib GFX, a freeware guitar amp modeling suite in VST, VST3, and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

ToneLib GFX is an all-in-one guitar amp modeling software package with a wide range of amplifier, cabinet, and pedal simulations. Its interface resembles popular commercial software like Guitar Rig and AmpliTube but feels more lightweight and less cluttered. Considering the amount of included gear models, it is hard to believe that such software can be offered as freeware.

One of the reasons why ToneLib GFX feels so lightweight and easy to use is that the developers chose not to create custom GUI designs for each amp model and guitar pedal. This results in a streamlined user interface with intuitive control layout and control parameters which are easy to identify. The sound quality is also very good, although I’d love to hear what some more experienced guitar amp software users have to say about this in the comments section below. I only use virtual guitar amps from time to time so I’m not the best judge of quality for this particular type of software.

It seems that ToneLib GFX was released some time ago but it went under the radar. In my humble opinion, it is one of the best freeware guitar processing plugins available on the market. Even if you’re not a guitar player, you might find it useful as a versatile multi-effects unit and a flexible distortion plugin with plenty of character.

To start using ToneLib GFX, simply download the installer package from the product page linked below and complete the installation process. There’s no registration nor software activation involved. Once installed, ToneLib can be used as a standalone application or a VST, VST3, or AU plugin in a compatible DAW.

ToneLib GFX is available for free download via ToneLib (24.8 MB download size, EXE installer, 64-bit VST/VST3/AU plugin formats for Windows, macOS, and Linux).

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    I will test, even comparing with others like Bias FX, Amplitube and Guitar Rig! Let’s see if we find a pearl!

  2. Angry Penguin


    I’ve been using Amplitube for a long time. ToneLib was impressive. Very for freeware. Amp sims, pedals, cabs, and reverbs all sound great. Most of the built in presets are very useable. Only slight drawback would be latency. The closest setting being 10ms. If they could get that down to around 6ms, it would be right there with the big dogs.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Thanks for your comment! Is the latency caused by the hardware or is it purely a software limitation in this case?

      • at 64spls buffer, my latency is 3.2ms. no problems with that! I think it is a great plugin. I do, however, find it necessary to use an external impulse plugin for cab emulation. the internal sounds really bad. improve that an this plugin would be a 10.

  3. I’d be very unhappy if i’d shelled out for 200+ euros for something like Overloud (which is a great piece of kit btw) only for this to appear for free!

    Best free guitar amp sim I’ve ever encountered – if i’d bought it, for say 150 euros, a few month back I’d have been touting it as excellent value for money.

    And I haven’t checked the latencty at all – becasue I haven’t noticed any.

  4. OnassissTHEgreat


    Seems pretty good so far – warm & good – sounding right in the box. Need to dig in a bt deeper though.

    One suggestion would be an improved Noise Canceler – How about some Noise in between too?

    So a few more controls like an Envelope – Follower, Ducking – Time or similar would be Great!

  5. Tested it out with a strat plugged in through a tube preamp and lost a couple hours jamming with it. That’s a good sign. The responsiveness of the distortion feels very natural. The only effect i noticed that i don’t really dig is the room reverb. Great presets for the most part… (though the spirit in the sky one is way off).
    Truly awesome for a freebie!

    • I’m using Win10 and installed Reaper 5.965. Tonelib-GFX VST/VST3 works as expected, no problems at all.

      • jonnymeanderer


        I am on Win 7. Had it working for awhile and it was sounding great but again crashing Reaper on start up. Dont think it plays well with some of the other vst’s and fx. Have not found the cause yet and or solution yet

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      We actually do have a Linux tag, I just forgot to use it here. The article is now updated and you can find the Linux tag next to the other ones.

  6. Outstanding !

    I use S-Gear, Bias Amp 2, Brainworx, Kuassa – I’m getting some amazing tones with this.

    It’s matching up well against its paid competition.

    Thank you!!!!

    Carlos Who

  7. Just when me was about to get bored with this one (:
    Changes in version 3.9.4:

    Added: some DSP improvement (sounding more natural & musical);
    Added: some CPU usage optimization;
    Added: Standalone: metronome;
    Added: Standalone: drum player;
    Added: Standalone: recording ability;
    Added: Standalone: backing track player.

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