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iZotope Nectar Elements Is FREE With Any Purchase


Plugin Boutique is giving away a free copy of Nectar Elements by iZotope with any purchase until December 5th, 2019.

Nectar Elements is the lightweight budget-friendly version of iZotope’s intelligent vocal mixing tool called Nectar 3. It includes the main components of Nectar 3 at a fraction of the cost of the full product. The software is available as a VST, AU, AAX, and RTAS plugin for any compatible digital audio workstation on PC and Mac.

The most important component of Nectar Elements is the Vocal Assistant. It analyzes the vocal track and automatically suggests a series of improvements that could be applied to improve its quality. Each suggested preset is unique to the sound of the vocal audio track on the input. The software offers three distinct mixing modes that cover a range of vocal styles, from singing to spoken word.

Once the Vocal Assistant analyzes the track, it will detect any resonant frequencies, problematic sibilance, and other audio issues. The software will suggest the correct EQ, compressor, de-esser, and reverb settings. The user can choose which enhancements to apply to the actual vocal track.

Nectar Elements is normally priced at $129 but you can get it for free if you purchase any product in the Plugin Boutique Store. For example, if you will get Nectar Elements for free if you purchase the new SoundSpot Union wavetable synthesizer (currently priced at just $7.99). You will also need to subscribe to Plugin Boutique’s newsletter. Visit the promo page linked below and follow the instructions to claim your free copy of the plugin.

More info: Nectar Elements (FREE with any purchase until December 5th, 2019)

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