Arturia Rev PLATE-140 Reverb Plugin Is FREE Until Christmas!


Arturia has released Rev PLATE-140, a high-quality plate reverb effect. The plugin is free to download until December 25th, 2019.

Rev PLATE-140 is a circuit-accurate software emulation of the iconic EMT 140 hardware reverb. Arturia’s plugin simulates the behavior of the original hardware unit down to the circuit level, including the vacuum tube preamp that is responsible for the reverb’s lush saturated sound. Much like the EMT 140, the plugin sounds amazing when used on individual tracks, or as the main reverb on the master bus.

The interface allows the user to fully customize the sound of the emulated reverb unit. The Drive knob controls the amount of tube saturation that is applied to the signal and the Model switch is used to select one of the three available reverb algorithms. The user can also adjust the decay time, the pre-delay time, high-pass filter cutoff, and the modulation amount. Finally, the two-band equalizer is used to shape the tone of the reverb signal. Take a look at the tutorial video below to see and hear Rev PLATE-140 in action.

REV Plate-140 is compatible with all digital audio workstations capable of hosting VST, AAX, or AU plugins. The product will be priced at $99 after the promo period ends on December 25th, 2019. A valid email address is required to download and activate your free copy of the plugin. You will need to register for a free Arturia user account and install the Arturia Software Center application on your computer.

More info: Rev PLATE-140 ($99 standard price, free until December 25th, 2019)

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  1. If their servers cannot handle the load, maybe they shouldn’t give away stuff? A very frustrating download that took forever to accomplish thanks to the registration process only to download a software center which also doesn’t let you in because of server timeouts and crap.

    Very annoying.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Well, these things happen. Sometimes you can’t plan the server load in advance. That’s why most of these deals are good for a few weeks so that everyone can get their free copy.

  2. Today almost audio frebies and products like VST plugins from big companies need that user install a Application Download and License Manager, since this I only use tools that can be install from a standalone installer.

    • Yeah thats annoying. Another thing is ….nearly 300MB for a reverb plugin??? com’on. This is NOT an instrument. It feels very strange when my complete DAW is 13MB (ok tbh installed 120MB) and then a fx plugin ‘need’ 270MB. I would like to know what part of the code take so much space.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      This is true. I still prefer not having to use the license managers. I mean, it’s OK if you’re using plugins from a single developer only, but who does that really?

  3. Frans Pieterse


    Arturia’s servers are utterly useless. They have probably loaded spyware into this ‘plate reverb’ plugin. The ‘Arturia Software centre’ behaviour is very suspicious. You have no option where to install it and hangs as if doing things in the background.

  4. 300MB installer (Windows) for one effect? No thanks. Went to uninstall it and it took 2 seconds. Guess what, the 300MB was still there, along with another 300MB+. So the installer is s*****, the uninstaller is even s*******. I don’t care how good your effects are, I don’t care how generous you are being, that’s just s***.

    Same goes for Acustica who are giving away Celestial right now, but only if you install their management s***.

    I generally go for free or FOSS plugins now. Not because I’m cheap (although that helps) but because you don’t end up with 20 license management apps and no room for the plugins.

    MOD COMMENT: Johan, please refrain from using swear words in the comments. This is a fair warning – future comments won’t be edited but deleted instead. Thanks!

  5. corrosiveabuser


    Wow, – if you’re already registered it’s a breeze to install and a phenomenal plugin.

    Thanks to all involved, – respect.

  6. It seems Arturia has fixed their server problems and now it’s working. This is a phenomenal freebee (even as payware this would be worth the price). Judging by the size I guess it’s convolution based? I already have good plate impulse responses, but with the additional user interface it’s much more fun to use.

    One idea: so many of the bigger audio companies have their own “service center” / “license manager” etc. So you have to install one for every plugin / company. Those softwares are redundant and take space / clog your system and directories.

    Why do major plugin vendors not work on a common system? One plugin manager for all plugins. Maybe similar to Ilok, but without the intrusion (respect user’s privacy and autonomy) and without the ridiculous transfer fees for nothing! Native Instruments, Arturia, Waves etc = all in one license manager that allows you to install and authorize individual plugins, so that you don’t have to download 2gb installers (IK Multimedia wink wink), but can comfortably manage and download the plugins you want to use? That would be the best practice approach!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      That’s an interesting idea, similar to back when synthesizer manufacturers sat down and came up with the MIDI standard. But I really don’t see all these software companies collaborating on such a level in the near future. Too many different business models and software-specific requirements to worry about.

    • That would be great, but just like the human race can’t live in peace they also don’t work together. Can you imagine how the world would be when people from all over the world would really work together. Man….we would have much less problems.
      Sad… I know.

  7. Diego Carvalho


    Is it suposed to apperar on ASC after i reach step 3 on dowload page?
    It says
    Your License is on the way
    This process can take a moment, so please be patient.
    Get your Rev-PLATE-140 ready to use

    But dont show on ASC

  8. It shows I have 4 activations left. Does anybody know what happens when these are used up? It won’t be a problem for a while but I don’t like the idea that someday I’ll be forced to buy the plugin because it’s in my past sessions.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      If Arturia’s license manager allows you to “deactivate” an installation, then this limitation only means that you can have the plugin installed on up to four computers simultaneously. If not, then it does indeed mean that you can only install and activate Rev PLATE-140 up to four times. I can’t check this right now, though.

  9. Ricardo Pablo Olivares


    Wow. Great plugin that sounds almost like the real thing! Thanks Arturia.
    Wow. Excelente plugin que suena casi como el aparato reverb real.

  10. Hi, I downloaded the manager and the verb but when I open it up it wants a serial number and unlock code, where do I get these, thanks very much

  11. Anyone else having this problem? Downloaded and it shows up in ASC, but with a “Buy” button where the “Activate” button normally is. When I click the buy button, it loads a “page not found” on Arturia’s website. Tried to uninstall and reinstall a few times, same result. Am I missing a step or something? Any help would be appreciated!

    • Disregard. Finally got it to email me the license, now it shows with the activate button. Must have been the server issues mentioned previously. Sorry for the trouble. Rock on!

  12. (I think if you get this it also makes you qualify to get pigments 2 for 70 bucks, at least it seemed to for me….)

    (pigments 2 is theft at 70 bucks)

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