REAPER 6 Digital Audio Workstation Is FREE Until July 1st!


Cockos as announced that the full version of the Reaper 6 digital audio workstation can be used for free until July 01st, 2020.

Reaper 6 is considered, by many, to be the best-buy digital audio workstation on the market. It provides a tremendous amount of functionality and even some advanced audio editing features that can’t be found in other music production software. Yet, its price tag is lower when compared to many of its competitors. The discounted Reaper 6 license will only cost you $60 and give you instant access to an entire set of tools needed for professional audio recording and music production.

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Cockos is now offering the full version of Reaper 6 completely free of charge to everyone interested, in an effort to help music producers pass the time and stay creative during the Coronavirus pandemic. The DAW can be used completely free of charge during the next couple of months. Here’s a quote from the developer’s website:

If you are working remotely and/or social distancing and would like to use REAPER at home, you can download a temporary REAPER license.

Surely, some users will wonder if this is truly something new because many people already use Reaper 6. The reason for this is the non-expiring trial version of the software that virtually lets you demo Reaper 6 for an unlimited time. However, with the new temporary free license provided by Cockos, your Reaper 6 installation will be fully unlocked. This means that you won’t need to wait for the trial version reminder panel to close every time you launch the program.

The temporary Reaper 6 license is available for free download from the Cockos website. Look for the link at the top of the product page linked below. Download the provided TXT file, copy its contents to your clipboard, and run Reaper 6 to activate the software. Alternatively, you can download the license file to your computer and import it into REAPER via the purchase tab.

Once the temporary license is activated correctly, the title bar will display the following information: Registered to Temporary License (Commercial license, expires July 1st, 2020).

More info: Reaper 6 (12.9 MB download size, EXE installer, standalone music production software for Windows, macOS, Linux)

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  1. This is great, bu before that the trial version of Reaper had already had no limitations. It was already possible to fully “try” Reaper indefenetly. Don’t really see what this News changes to the Reaper game, but anyways long live Reaper, loving the DAW, and the community :)

    • It changes in that using this temporal license is actually legal.

      Reaper is NOT legally usable for free for an unlimited time, it’s just that the software doesn’t include any kind of protective measure or DRM to check, because its creators think that the kind of measures that actually work (iLoks, remote authorisation procedures, etc) cause inconvenience to the legal users, which are the ones that should NOT be paying for others trying to pirate the software. So they instead trust the users to respect the licenses that they offer (trust policy).

      Usually you can try Reaper for free for 60 days (not “indefinately” as you say), and then you have to buy either a discounted license for $60 (if you don’t use Reaper for profit or your yearly gross revenue doesn’t exceed $20,000) or a normal license for $225.

      Any other use of Reaper is illegal (such as “trying” it for free for more than 60 days, or using the discounted license for creating audio/music that you make a profit from, while having a yearly gross revenue above $20,000), they are NOT granting you the right to do that, and the fact that the software doesn’t include any kind of protective measure to enforce that license to be respected doesn’t change that fact at all.

      So the difference is that they are granting everyone ACTUALLY LEGAL RIGHT to use the software for free until June 1st with this temporal free license.

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