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Six Bit Deep’s 909 Sample Pack Is FREE Until March 27th!


Six Bit Deep has announced that the new Six Bit Deep’s 909 sample library (€22 value) can be download for free from their webshop until March 27th, 2020.

Six Bit Deep’s 909 is a 909 drum machine sample pack containing 112 individually treated one-shot drum sounds. The samples were captured from an original 909, which was fitted with the Fairman mod. The mod boosts the drum machine’s low-end response, adding more bass to the classic 909 sounds. It restores the amount of bass on the master output to the level that was originally intended by the manufacturer.

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The included 909 drum samples are organized into two main categories (Dirty and Treated) and additionally sorted into folders by type (Kicks, Snares, Hi-Hats, etc.). Both groups of samples were passed through the Retro Instruments Powerstrip channel, but with different amounts of gain applied to the signal. The distorted sounds were also processed with the Neve 1073 channel, as well as the Pultec EQP1a3, Chandler Zener, Ampex 102, Tube Tech CL1-B, Shadow Hills MC, Sontec 432C, Retro Sta-Level + 2a3, Little Labs VOG, Culture Vulture, and some other tasty bits of analog studio gear.

All sounds are provided in 24-bit WAV format. The pack doesn’t include any sampler mappings, so you’ll have to create custom drum kits for your favorite sampler plugin.

Six Bit Deep’s 909 is typically priced at €22, but you can download it completely free of charge by March 27th, 2020. For more free 909 sounds, check out our BPB Cassette 909 sample pack and the BPB Cassette Drums virtual instrument. Also, be sure to check out Six Bit Deep’s fantastic Analog Kicks sample pack.

IMPORTANT: To claim your free copy of Six Bit Deep’s 909, add the product to your shopping cart and apply the coupon code that you can find on Six Bit Deep’s official Instagram profile.

More info: Six Bit Deep’s 909 (free until March 27th, coupon code available on Instagram, 7.36 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 112 drum samples in 24-bit WAV format)

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  1. This is ridiculous. All this trouble to end up in shopping cart. There you have to enter your name, surname, full address, email, even phone number. That’s not true meaning of free. I didn’t go through with it.
    Just a heads up for anyone interested in these samples. Coupon code worked fine, but for me the deal went south. Not worth it.

    • You’re strange. It is free cause it doesn’t cost you money. I saw lots of deals like that, you can type any random phone number with lots of zeros, any random zip-code in address and stuff. It’s not like they would ask you to confirm it or smth, it’s just billing address template.
      What really is ridiculous is when people complain that free stuff needs some button clicks to get.

  2. KIRILL R. My point exactly. If anyone can type any random data to get a free sample pack, it doesn’t justify putting this form before the download in the first place. Think of all the messy forms they will have on their books. Totally worthless and time wasting for the developer and for the customer.
    I still have a lot of integrity not to do that. When I’m asked about my details, I take it very seriously. When you are required to give your data in exchange for something, nowadays it’s almost like a currency.

    • So you think developers should make another download option on their site just to share free stuff?? That’s what really is time wasting. Especially consider that this is a limited offer, so it’s a paid library. They just changed price to zero, it’s fast and easy, unlike what you suggest. And they will put old price back when the day comes.
      You’re overthinking. The same info you should fill in the form if you buy smth from someone.

  3. I just downloaded all the free samples from six bit deep’s website and the hats and snares are some of the best sounding samples I own now… they’re processed with 3 different reverb lengths from an emt plate reverb. If the info (or just fake info) is too much trouble, then it’s seriously your loss.

    To anyone who actually cares about making good sounding music, regardless of the effort… these are some legit samples… the 909 from this page is ok (imo) but the other free analog samples from the website – kicks, hats and snareclaps are even better sounding and have additional reverb renders.

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