Wavosaur Audio Editor Updated To v1.5 (Windows Standalone)


The free Wavosaur portable audio editor for Windows has been updated to v1.5, introducing several new features and bug fixes.

Wavosaur is one of the best free audio editing programs, along with Audacity and Ocenaudio. The software is only available on Windows. Wavosaur is a portable (no installer) and relatively lightweight audio editing application. One of its standout features is to load third-party audio effects in VST plugin format.

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The latest Wavesaur update introduces several workflow improvements and irons out the bugs that were reported by the users since the last release. Here’s the rundown of what’s new in Wavosaur 1.5:

  • Redo implemented.
  • “View Widget” added.
  • Popup menu on right click on VST rack.
  • Add VST with double click on the VST list.
  • Popup menu on right click on VST List: suppress and add to the rack.
  • Bugfix for Idle message from some old VSTs.
  • Support of keyboard keys.
  • Select from the start or stop menu added (in Edit).
  • Batch processor VST processing bug fixed.
  • Progress bar: Percent progression added.
  • Bugfix on global display for Windows 10 resizing.

The implementation of a Redo feature is the most notable improvement in terms of workflow optimization. The new Redo function offers full support for all Wavosaur features. Also available is the “All in RAM” option (recommended for x64) that can be turned on in the editor configuration dialog.

Using VST plugins in Wavosaur is now a lot easier, thanks to the improved VST rack. The user can add and remove VST plugins more quickly. Also, the batch audio processor now operates more smoothly when VST plugins are loaded.

Wavosaur v1.5 can be downloaded completely free of charge from the official website. The software is available for the Windows operating system only. Wavosaur is portable – no installation required.

More info: Wavosaur (1.3 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit standalone application for Windows)

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  1. Oooh, I would like to use this software. Used it years ago and really liked it but since all my audio files are FLAC nowaday and it still doesn’t support this format it’s useless for me :( Hope the developer will implement support someday.

    • Agreed and I’m one of the people who requested FLAC support years ago. It’s telling that such a tiny little audio app uses the WinZip format to compress it for download. Saves a few killibyte or something.

      I think the novelty of has worn off. I’ve since got Acoustica from ACON Digital and haven’t been happier.

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