ValhallaSupermassive Is A FREE Delay VST Plugin By Valhalla DSP


Valhalla DSP has released ValhallaSupermassive, a freeware delay effect in VST, AAX, and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

ValhallaSupermassive is based on a set of reverb and delay algorithms that intentionally sound artificial and otherwordly. These algorithms were too “wild” to be included in Valhalla DSP’s other plugins. Thanks to these unique pieces of code, ValhallaSupermassive can deliver a variety of reverberation and modulation effects. It can generate massive delays, lush reverbs, evolving choruses, and deep flangers, as well as never-ending and insanely complex soundscapes.

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The plugin combines multiple feedback delay networks that are connected together and controlled by the plugin’s unique WARP knob. This knob changes how the delay networks interact with each other, resulting in a multitude of reverbs, echoes, and ultra-long delays. Another method for modifying the character of the delayed signal is ValhallaSupermassive’s mode selector. There are eight different delay modes to choose from, each offering a completely different type of signal processing.

Other controls are pretty standard for a delay/reverb plugin. The user can adjust the dry/wet mix and the stereo width of the wet signal, as well as the delay feedback and density parameters. The delay time can be set in milliseconds or in note length values (dotted and triplet notes are supported, too). The plugin also features a delay modulator and a pair of EQ knobs for tone control. The user interface is freely resizable.

Valhalla DSP is well-known for its larger-than-life reverb plugins like Valhalla VintageVerb and Valhalla Shimmer. The company is also offering a range of other modulation effects, as well as a freeware modulated delay plugin called Valhalla Freq Echo. With the release of ValhallaSupermassive, you can now get yet another piece of their DSP magic completely free of charge. Hurry up and add ValhallaSupermassive to your sound design arsenal, as it’s quite literally one of the biggest delay plugins on the market. And if you purchase any product from Valhalla DSP, you will qualify to receive the Valhalla SpaceModulator effect as a free gift.

ValhallaSupermassive is available for free download via Valhalla DSP. You can download the software directly from the product page without signing up. It’s also worth noting that ValhallaSupermassive supports both 32-bit and 64-bit plugin hosts on PC and Mac.

More info: ValhallaSupermassive (2.48 MB download size, ZIP archive containing EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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  1. Tomislav Zlatic


    A massive thank you to our reader Dennis for sending us the info about this release. Thanks for the support!

  2. DigitalMeltdown


    There are good days and bad days and great days thanks to Sean Costello for a free Valhalla plugin, epic!

  3. Everyone: There’s too much delay plugins already, they’re all the same.
    ValhallaDSP: Hold my beer.
    Take your time to explore this one, there are some clever modes hidden behind those constellations. Results you’d normally achieve with complete fx chains are now available under a couple of knobs. Watch out approaching its event horizon, or you could get lost forever.

  4. Not only it’s an awesome plugin from the highest quality, it’s also freeware as it should be: no registration, no activation, no need to give your e-mail address or any other personal details, no extra software for downloading etc. Pure freeware. Thanks Vahlalla!

  5. It is the coolest reverb and delay plugin I’ve ever tried! So soft and gentle work and sound, without all that typical reverb harshness… I immediately started to use it with vocal and solo gtr.

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