Fury-800 Is A FREE Korg Poly-800 Emulation VST/AU Plugin


Full Bucket Music has introduced the Fury-800, a freeware emulation of the Korg Poly-800 hardware synthesizer in VST and AU plugin formats for compatible DAW software on PC and Mac.

Fury-800 emulates the Korg Poly-800 hardware synth. The original Poly-800 was an affordable eight-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer from the 1980s. It featured digitally controlled oscillators and an analog filter, along with 64 patch memory slots and a subtractive synthesis engine with 50 editable parameters. Even more importantly, the instrument supported MIDI technology, which was still a rarity back then.

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Being a big fan of the original Korg Poly-800 synthesizer myself, I’d say that its most beautiful quality is its lo-fi sound. Yes, the synth is analog, but it isn’t what you’d expect from an analog synthesizer. Its digitally controlled oscillators, noisy paraphonic filter, and the even more noisy pseudo-stereo chorus effect, all add up to create these wonderfully lo-fi, unstable sounds that almost sound as if they were captured from a VHS tape. Add some dusty plate reverb to the Poly-800’s output, and you’re in 80s synthwave heaven.

As for Full Bucket Music’s emulation of the Poly-800, it gets very close to the original. The developer has developed a number of highly detailed emulations of Korg’s analog synthesizers in the past (check out the Tricent Mk III plugin for a more recent example), and the Fury-800 is no exception in terms of quality. Both the feature set and the GUI design come very close to that of the Poly-800. You get all the synth engine features of the original and a few smart add-on options like the “God Mode” for full polyphony and 64 voices of polyphony with full velocity support.

Fans of the real Korg Poly-800 will feel right at home with the Full Bucket Music Fury-800 plugin. Fans of 80s synth music who haven’t had the chance to play the original instrument should undeniably give the Fury-800 a try. It delivers instant 80s nostalgia, much like the legendary SQ8L plugin by Siegfried Kullmann and the wonderful PG8X by Martin Lüders.

Fury-800 is available for free download from Full Bucket Music’s website. The plugin can be downloaded completely free of charge without registration. It is available in VST and AU plugin formats for 32-bit and 64-bit plugin host applications on PC and Mac.

More info: Fury-800 (9.2 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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  1. Is it just another old synth simulation? Yes. Is it limited? Yes. Is it blissfully good? Oh how so yes.
    FB-20? Well, I’d rather have a Furysix first myself, heh. :D

  2. Great! The Poly 800 was my first digital synth back in ’83 as I couldn’t afford a DX7. And this is very faithful to the old machine. I give it ***** !

  3. Franco Ferrer


    I’m unable to get it to work on Logic. I use 10.9 (because we were told in Full Sail, back in 2014, not to update unless it was OK to do so, ’cause of Pro Tools compatibility).

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