KORG Trident Vintage Synthesizer Emulation By Full Bucket Music


Full Bucket Music has released Tricent Mk III, a virtual emulation of the vintage KORG Trident Mk II analog synthesizer from 1982.

Tricent Mk III is a free virtual analog synthesizer in VST and AU plugin formats for compatible DAW applications on PC and Mac. The virtual instrument is a detailed emulation of the KORG Trident Mk II hardware synthesizer. Korg Trident is an eight-voice polyphonic programmable analog synthesizer with three separate sections for synthesizer, brass, and string sounds.

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The plugin models most of the features found in its hardware counterpart while increasing the polyphony to 64 voices and adding a built-in flanger effect. Tricent Mk III also features individual stereo outputs for all three sections and offers the ability to control all synth engine parameters via an external MIDI controller. If you’re a fan of vintage string machines and analog synthesizers, Tricent Mk III is surely worth checking out.

As is always the case with Full Bucket Music’s virtual instruments, the plugin was written in native C++ code to ensure extremely low CPU consumption. You’ll be able to run multiple instances of Tricent Mk III without any performance issues even on slower computers. This is particularly useful when layering multiple strings or pad patches to create fat analog-like sounds.

Tricent Mk III can be downloaded completely free of charge from the product page linked below. You don’t need to sign up for a user account or activate the software after installation. The instrument is compatible with all VST and AU plugin hosts on PC and Mac.

While you’re visiting Full Bucket Music’s website, be sure to download the amazing ModulAir modular synthesizer plugin, too. And if you’re into using vocoder VST plugins, check out the FBVC plugin as well.

More info: Tricent Mk III (2.87 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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  1. Ah yes, indeed. That’s what I’m talking about. Nooice +1!
    Glad he’s keeping releasing proper synths, not that I’m against Modul’Air and modulars, but somehow, I dunno, I don’t feel comfortable with those… yet?
    I still hope he’ll do the Polysix and MS-20 justice one day. I know, I know.
    And while I’m not a Linux user yet, tho this could get me on board, it’s almost a shame he’s not supporting that platform.

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