We Sound Effects Bundle 2020 Contains 25+ GB Of Free SFX


We Sound Effects has released We Sound Effects Bundle 2020, a free sound collection that includes over 20 GB of royalty-free sound effects.

We Sound Effects have joined in on the spirit of giving with quite the sizable offering of sounds to add to your collection. These include a wide variety of use cases and cover everything from traffic, clothing, hotels, churches, and libraries to ambiances, animal and monster sounds, video game sound effects, and everything in between.

Sounds were created by Edible Audio, Federico Soler Fernández, Lukas TVR, Sound Ex Machina, Soundbits, and many more. You can see the full list of contributors and the libraries from which the sound effects have been sourced here.

Best of all, all included sounds are royalty-free and come with a perpetual license. What this means is that no attribution of any kind is required and that the sound effects can be used as many times as you’d want, both in commercial and non-commercial projects.

We Sound Effects have also made it incredibly easy to download the bundle. They’ve conveniently split them into ten 2GB files, one 20GB file, and even a .torrent link, so whatever your Internet speed is, you’ll be able to take advantage of the promotion. Here’s a quick look at what types of SFX are included in the bundle:

Voices, Creatures, Monsters, Animals, Vehicles, Videogame, Horror, Sirens, Ambiences, Backgrounds, Waterfalls, Rain, Rivers, Wind, Doors, Foley, Impacts, Whooshes, Sci-Fi, Atmospheres, Drones, Textures Sounds and much more.

If that’s not enough sounds for you, you can also take part in their Summer Giveaway to win an additional 20 sound libraries, as well as eight plugins from Digital Brain Instruments.

Any purchase on their website also comes with a free copy of their Re:Cycle plugin (as well as an additional 1.4GB of free, royalty-free samples), so you can start messing with your brand new sounds right away. Just use WSEFREE at checkout with your order.

More info: We Sound Effects Bundle (20.7 GB download size, ZIP archive, contains 25+ GB of royalty-free sound effects in 24-bit WAV format)

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