Beat 08|20 is now available for €4,99 at Falkemedia’s online shop and Zinio. The magazine includes a free copy of the Sigmund delay by D16 Group, and we’re giving away five free copies of Beat to five lucky BPB readers! Scroll all the way down the article for more info on how to win a free copy of the mag.

The latest issue of Beat magazine comes with a sublime gift – a copy of the Sigmund delay plug-in by D16 Group! That’s on top of the 8.5GB of software, loops, and samples that you can download after purchasing the issue. I think that this is €4,99 well spent! This amount of cash is how much a single Beat magazine issue costs and you get a bunch of music production tools for free.

Also, users who claim their free copy of D16 Sigmund will receive a 50% OFF discount on any single plug-in purchase at D16 Group Audio Software’s online shop. Product bundles are not included in the offer.

Sigmund is a highly advanced delay plug-in styled in D16 Group’s usual hardware-inspired design approach. It features four independent delay units, two multifunctional modulators, nine pre-defined signal routes to choose from, a mixer, and a limiter.

Sigmund delay by D16 Group Audio is FREE with the Beat magazine.

Sigmund delay by D16 Group Audio is FREE with the latest Beat magazine.

Each delay can pass through a multimode filter and an overdrive section. Mix options include panning, stereo, and mid/side processing. That’s a lot of virtual knobs and faders to massage in search of expansive delay sounds. Not just delay, anyway. The plug-in can double as a chorus, phaser, auto-panner, and anything else that’s time, modulation, and stereo-based.

If you like echo effects with charm and spacey delay experiments, Sigmund is a joy to work with! Our full version by D16 Group Audio Software is much more than a delay effect: The plug-in is a real secret weapon for delay and modulation effects of any kind. But the remarkably flexible creative tool is also equipped for exciting filter and distortion effects and complex modulations.

Numbering 100 pages of content, this issue’s highlight is a comprehensive review of the Dave Smith Pro 3 mono synthesizer. Also, the latest edition of Beat comes with a wealth of reports, musician interviews, tutorials, workshops, and other material for music producers and sound designers.

Here’s a closer look at the sample material that is included with the magazine:

As usual, the Beat magazine is accompanied by a download with a multifaceted range of exciting plug-ins, sounds, and samples. The Engine Artists Library from Best Service provides almost unlimited sonic inspiration for your productions. Need some fresh new sounds for your sample folder? In this case, you will surely enjoy the MPC Expansion Electro Encounter, the sound packages by Random Sounds, Myloops and About Noise as well as the Retro Loops of Drums & Vibes. Finally, the sample package VCO Drums 1 impresses with unique drum sounds created with exquisite analog synthesizers.

Check out the “In The Studio” interview with Francesca Lombardo and the in-depth guide on improving your music production workflow. The magazine also features an Arturia KeyStep Pro review and a closer look at the Tascam Model 12 analog mixer.

The front cover of Beat 08|20.

The front cover of Beat 08|20.

Since last month, the online edition of Beat is available in both English and German. The price is €5,24 for a single issue and €52,49 for a one-month subscription (these are the prices with included tax).

The great news here is that the online version includes all the DVD contents and the full download package that comes with the magazine’s print edition. You can choose what software you want to download and then use Beat magazine’s Serial-Center platform to register your licenses.

More info: Beat 08|20 at Zinio (€4,99, or €5,24 including tax)

Beat Magazine Giveaway – WINNERS ANNOUNCED!

We are giving away five FREE copies of the latest Beat magazine (online edition). Simply leave a comment on this page to enter the giveaway (only one comment per reader, please). We will pick five random comments as the winners. The winners will be announced on July 27th, 2020 (that’s next Monday).

Good luck everyone and many thanks to our friends at Beat for sponsoring the giveaway!

Beat magazine giveaway WINNERS! :)

Beat magazine giveaway WINNERS! :)

UPDATE: We have picked the five lucky winners using a random comment draw! Congrats to the winners (check your inbox for your free copy of Beat magazine) and thanks to everyone else for entering the giveaway. We have more epic stuff coming soon, so stay tuned. And once again, thanks to our friends at Beat magazine for sponsoring the giveaway – be sure to check out the latest edition of their online magazine at Zinio.

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  1. Jay Kekkonen


    Funny thing, I’m missing Sigmund from my D16 collection. I love Decimort and Antresol by these devs.

  2. I would absolutely love a copy of Beat magazine, I really enjoyed the last one.

    And thank you for your contribution to this blog, I have been loving the content for some time.

  3. Not one to complain but I bought the first English edition (live it btw, great mag) and they you gave it away free on BPB!! If that doesnt desrve a free copy of the new edition I dont know what does ;)

  4. Even though I already have plenty of delay plugins, I wouldn’t mind getting Sigmund and the other stuff included in the magazine. Good luck to everyone participating.

  5. The name tought… now I can stop thinking about Freud stuttering rhythmically, like in 5/4, lol

    Thanks for the plug, please!

  6. Funny how quick a giveaway fills the comment section. Yes, I’m ‘guilty’ too :o)
    I would be more interested in decimort but Hey……..hey………hey……..there is nothing wrong with a DELAY…….Lay…….lay……..

  7. Gabriel Garcia


    I’m in, I’ve seen demos of Sigmund and sounds superb, although the cpu consumption is really high.

  8. Synthie Lauper


    I’m only here to take part in the raffle.
    No, just kidding.
    I’m only writing here to take part in the raffle.

    • Read the last beat magazin, it was amazing and now Bpb are giving away the new one 🔥.
      Hope I would be the one among the five.

  9. Beat Mag has really been on top of it since starting up their english editions. I can only imagine how good they were prior, I wish I had known. I love D16 group plugins.

  10. good luck to everybody else hoping to win one of the 5 magazines!

    and props to BPB for collecting all the nice news about free plugins and deals in one place on the web.
    you are a great resource for all the people who cannot afford too much of the expensive stuff.
    i guess everybody here making music for love and not money appreciates your work a lot.
    good job, thank you!

  11. El Escorpioncito


    Random machine PICK ME!! lol…I wanna try Beat Me Magazine…I been a fan of Computer Music but lately I feel that the software they provide has been …meh…don’t get me wrong though, I love the plugins they offered in the past and sound samples are always good to have…but yeah, I’m willing to maybe get both, Beat and CM.

  12. Макс Момот


    Как перестать копить плагины и начать уже делать музыку!

  13. I have noticed many typos and mistakes in their english verison (like calling digital synths analog and stuff like that), if they need an english speaking proofreader id be down to help :D

  14. Odd thread, here the social proof (marketing concept) is that people prefer to leave a comment, than to buy this fairly priced edition of Beat magazine, lol xD

  15. Kevin Bodnar


    Dear Beat Magazine of Falkemedia,

    I think that D16 Sigmund is a solar system of atmospheric realms in undiscovered potentials and sounds that brings you closer to your altered state of creative mind when making inspirational music with this out of this world plugin.


  16. I Like!


  17. Anyone else has trouble buying the magazine? When I checkout, it just directs to the main page, without making a purchase.

  18. Thank you BPB not only for the opportunity to this giveaway but for all the activity along these years. I have found great resources and valueable info and useful reviews by following your blog. And lots of free sofware, too.

  19. I have this plugin and it’s incredibly hard to use. The presets doesnt even sound that good. For nice delays NastyDLA mkII beats the crap out of it. For creative delays Valhalla supermasive bets the crap out of it. Both with a thousand less knobs and much less time.

    Just a disclaimer for anyone considering buying a copy…

  20. Ever since I was a young boy, I dreamed of becoming a Beet Farmer. A free issue of Beet Magazine could help me fulfill that dream. This is the Magazine for Beet Farmers, right?? Thank you kind sir!

  21. Luis Valoyes


    I just found out about the giveaway today, but I hope I’ll win, the first english edition was quite cool!

  22. I downloaded and read last months magazine. It was the first english language one. It was pretty informative and

    had lots of freebies. Well worth the price of admission.

  23. AJOllyMusicHead


    Hope I’m not too late! Only today did I know about this article. Looks a seriously fun delay tool :D

  24. I read the first English edition of Beat magazine and it was very detailed and informative. Moreover, I received a bunch of plugins along with a copy of the magazine which is amazing for the price as most of them sold for hundreds of dollars if purchased separately. The gear review was very well explained and I’m waiting to get hands-on next editions of Beat magazine.

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