Beat Magazine Now In English – FREE Waves Synth Included!


Beat magazine, a well-known music production magazine from Germany, is now also available in English. Also, the latest edition of Beat magazine includes a free copy of the Waves Element 2 synthesizer and T-RackS ONE.

As of June 2020, the online edition of Beat magazine is also available in the English language. The English edition is priced at €4,99, and it includes all the DVD contents and downloads that come with the German edition. For the latest issue, this means that the readers will receive a free copy of the Waves Element 2 synthesizer, T-RackS ONE by IK Multimedia, as well as the Thorn BE synthesizer by Dmitry Sches. The magazine also includes free sample content and additional software downloads.

Apart from the software and soundware content, the latest issue of Beat magazine covers various music production topics and news. It includes an “in the studio” feature with Alex Niggemann and an “on the decks” feature with Simina Grigoriu, as well as an in-depth look at SuperBooth20 (which was still held online despite the main event being canceled).

Taking a closer look at the bundled software, for the price of the magazine, you are getting two fantastic virtual instruments (Waves Element 2 and Thorn BE), as well as a mastering plugin by IK Multimedia (T-RackS ONE). If you’re looking for a powerful virtual analog synthesizer for your studio setup, Waves Element 2 is definitely worth the download. It features high-resolution oscillators, zero-delay feedback filters, as well as an advanced 16-step sequencer for pattern creation and deep modulation.

Element 2.0 Virtual Analog Synth by Waves

The link to the bundled software and sample content is available on page 11 of the magazine. It will take you to a page where you can access all the downloads from the DVD. Some licenses (such as plugins) will need to be activated. Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the files (see page 11 for more info).
  2. Get your plugin licenses from
  3. Install the plugins.
  4. Insert license where if needed.

Beat magazine can be purchased from Falkemedia’s online shop and Zinio. It is an instant download. Subscriptions will be available via Zinio, starting June 2020.

More info: Beat (English edition)

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Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. I recently bought the (more expensive) Soundtoys Effects Rack but these guys wont take any of my credit cards. If anyone knows of other retailers or something please let me know! Thank you Tomislav for posting this

  2. Do not buy without creating an account first!!

    I used the Paypal direct option. The payment was made.
    Received a german confirmation email that said. “Did you pay for your download directly using the express button? Then please request the file via this link.”
    I clicked the link and it redirect to a login page…. not a product download page. I created an account with the same email and there’s nothing on my downloads.

    Terrible customer experience.

  3. The worst customer experience. No english option on the website.
    Do not buy without creating an account on falkemedia, otherwise you wont be able to access the download files.

  4. No english translation option on the website. I used the Paypal direct option, without a falkemedia account.
    Received a confirmation email with a download link that redirects to a blank login page…..
    No product download link, no automatic account register data, very archaic system.

  5. “it includes all the DVD contents and downloads that come with the German edition”
    I buyed the magazine, how and from where can i download the dvd content? Thanks!

  6. Great that Beat have decided to launch an English version, it will make their product interesting for so many more people.

    Beat is the best mag for included software/magware at this time.

    They also do many in depth interviews with prime electronic artists, which will be great to be able read in English language.

    Computer Music got a new editor a couple of months back, and after the included magware has for the most part been samples. I hope they do not plan to become like Future Music or MusicTech

    Beat have a big chance to become the best international magazine devoted to electronic music now.

  7. What are the limitations with Thorn BE? Is it the same as Thorn CM – 2 oscillators instead of 3, 1 filter instead of 2, 4 effects instead of 9 and fewer filter models?

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Thanks for the info! I checked with Beat and the link to the free copy of the mag isn’t for public sharing – it’s only for existing Beat customers.

  8. I got the link from Plugin Boutique, they posted it on their Twitter feed this afternoon

    So that is why I thought it was open for everybody

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