W.A. Production Countdown Vocals Is FREE For BPB Readers!


W.A. Production is offering the Countdown Vocals ($19.90 value) sample library as a completely free download for all BPB readers until August 1st, 2020.

3… 2… 1… Surprise!

We’ve all been there.

You’re a DJ at the New Year’s eve party.

Your set is going exceptionally well. The pulsating basslines punctuate a driving rhythm, and the syncopated melodies are drenched in reverb soar above the venue. This is it! This is the moment when your DJing career kicks off.

As the last track in your set is getting closer to that final drop, the one you’ve perfectly timed for the very moment when the New Year kicks in, the crowd is dancing and having fun. All of your friends are here, enjoying your new song.

But wait… something’s wrong. You’re looking at your samples folder, and the countdown samples are missing. People in the crowd are starting to look at you expectantly. The New Year is only seconds away.

Oh, man! It’s almost time to start counting down, and you’re all out of countdown vocal samples.

The crowd can’t believe your apparent lack of DJing skills as you reluctantly grab the microphone to do the countdown yourself. You can’t help but hear the cries of disbelief in the venue. Man, this is the worst party ever! That DJ sucks! What happened to the countdown, dude?

W.A. Production Countdown Vocals – FREE @ Bedroom Producers Blog

Wait! All is NOT gone, Pete Tong. Here at Bedroom Producers Blog, we’re dedicated to saving parties and, by extension, DJ careers…

… which is why we’ve partnered up W.A. Productions to offer you a copy of their Countdown Vocals sample pack!

Here’s what you get:

  • 88 Vocal Samples and Loops
  • Countdown Vocals for parties
  • Unique Male and Female Vocals
  • Vocals in Different Languages

Jokes aside, countdowns are a great way to add energy to a section of a track and are a great alternative to risers. There also aren’t too many sample libraries that deal with this kind of thing, so this is an excellent opportunity to fill a gap in your collection. Of course, these could also be chopped up and used for other purposes.

We have put together all these vocals into a sample pack to make sure that you bring madness to the massive countdown party that you’re hosting. Grab and drag these high-quality sounds from this pack to increase your workflow and it’ll prevent you from wasting your precious time to find the perfect countdown vocal phrases ever again.

The sample content is provided in 24-bit WAV format, and it is 100% royalty-free. All sounds are production-ready. But honestly, the coolest thing about the pack is the fact that the countdowns are available in various languages. This adds a lot of value to the pack, and you can go super creative with these vocal chops.

Countdown Vocals shopping cart with the coupon code applied (100% OFF discount).

Countdown Vocals shopping cart with the coupon code applied (100% OFF discount).

To claim your free copy of Countdown Vocals, enter the coupon code BPBCountdown at checkout. Your shopping cart must be empty (apart from Countdown Vocals) for the coupon code to work. The free download offer is available until August 1st, 2020.

UPDATE: Be sure to remove all other products from the shopping cart for the code to work.

More info: Countdown Vocals (use coupon code BPBCountdown at checkout to download for free, offer ends on August 1st)

W.A. Production The King Sounds – FREE @ Audio Plugin Deals

On a related note, W.A. Production has set free its The King Sounds ($39.90 value) sample pack at Audio Plugin Deals. Weighing in at 9GB of loops and percussion samples, this massive chunk of EDM and electronica-oriented sounds and samples can be yours completely free of charge.

The proper breakdown of the sound pack is as follows:

  • 90 Drum Loops
  • 94 Kicks
  • 83 Claps, Snares, and Snaps
  • 33 Percussions
  • 20 Cymbals
  • 12 Fills
  • 48 F.X.
  • 48 Melody loops + MIDI
  • 20 Synth shots

That’s obviously a lot of material to sink your producer teeth into. I’ll be grabbing this one for sure! I always fancy a choice of great electronic percussion for beat-making and loops to feed my samplers with.

Downloading The King Sounds requires registration at W.A. Production’s website. The download is available as a .zip file sized 9.13GB when uncompressed.

More info: The King Sounds (free @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hello, the code is definitely working, I tested it again. Be sure to remove all other products from the shopping cart first and then apply the code. I hope that helps!

      • Yes, the karma bundle has to be removed from the cart. And the code added at cart level, not in the last stage of the purchase. Then it works.

  1. Couldn’t get the W.A. Production The King Sounds deal to work. Every time I add the discount code the server drops out. Have tried several times now….
    As it’s a free deal I don’t really mind too much, but it does put me right off buying anything from W.A. Production.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi Mark, just wanted to point out that the BPB discount code is for Countdown Vocals only. The King Sounds deal is exclusive to APD.

      • I just tried again today and got this message from the website: “The KING Sounds by WA Production has been removed from your cart because it can no longer be purchased. Please contact us if you need assistance.”

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