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iZotope RX 7 Elements Is FREE With Any Purchase @ Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique offers the iZotope RX 7 Elements (€134 value) audio repair plugin as a free add-on with any purchase made in their online store throughout August.

It’s barely been two weeks since our last article about iZotope’s recent deal for their VocalSynth 2 effect. At this point, it seems that iZotope and Plugin Boutique are practically throwing these awesome audio plugins at us. We are not complaining.

Most music producers and audio engineers are already familiar with Nectar, Ozone, or some of iZotope’s other popular offerings. Depending on what side of the audio engineer spectrum you’re on, you might not be as familiar with RX 7.

If you’ve watched any movie or TV show in the last few years, it is very likely that RX 7 was used at some point during post-production. It’s by far the golden standard for all audio repair.

While the Elements version of iZotope RX 7 doesn’t boast the outright dizzying amount of features that the Standard and Advanced editions do, it still has more than plenty to sink your teeth into. This is particularly true if you’re working with audio that needs treatment beyond what an EQ or compressor can offer.

RX 7 Elements is the perfect introduction to the world of audio repair, offering essential tools to remove noise, clipping, clicks, and other problems that plague small studios. Get four of our best repair tools, a standalone audio editor, and the brand new Repair Assistant at an affordable price. If you’re just getting started in the world of home recording or need a quick fix for problematic production audio, RX 7 Elements is your go-to solution.

Here’s what you get with the iZotope RX 7 Elements plugin:

  • Repair Assistant – iZotope has led the pack with its early and thorough adoption of machine learning with most of its other plugins, and RX 7 is no exception. The assistant will analyze your recording and attempt to offer a good jumping-off point for fixing common problems.
  • Voice De-Noise – particularly useful for vocals, the Voice De-Noise algorithm can get rid of background noise, such as air conditioning, refrigerator hum, street noise, etc.
  • De-Clip – restores both digital and analog artifacts.
  • De-Click – reigns in vinyl clicking, helps soften clicky bass and kick drums, etc.
  • De-Hum – removes hum from ground loops, line ins, and amps. The software automatically recommends De-Noise if it thinks that it would be a better choice for the job.

Even if you’re not particularly entrenched in the post-production business, being a bedroom producer often means that you’re also likely to be recording vocals at home. That can come with a whole host of issues that might require fixing. Much like a toothpick or a spare tire, it’s better to have a tool like this when you need it rather than need it and not have it.

iZotope RX 7 Elements is free with every purchase from Plugin Boutique throughout August. Be sure to choose the RX 7 Elements option at checkout to include the freebie with your order. The software is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for all compatible digital audio workstations.

More info: iZotope RX 7 Elements (FREE with any purchase @ Plugin Boutique)

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  1. Thank you for the info. I bought Izotope Iris 2 for 10$ and got RX7 elements too.
    I love this blog and you guys. Greetings from Istanbul :)

    • I asked this to Izotope Customer Care. And they replied:
      “I’m sorry for any type of confusion here! This tag doesn’t actually mean anything and it’s still the full Elements version of RX 7! This is a visual error that our developers are working to fix right now.

      To assure you, I’ve checked your license and it’s the full version of RX 7 Elements.”

  2. Thanks guys! Haven’t given it a full test, but its ability to remove annoying mouth noises looks like it will be more than worth the $2 I payed for this deal ;)

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