Reverb Releases FREE Studio Sampled Sounds Drum Library (WAV)


Reverb has released Studio Sampled Sounds, a free vintage acoustic drum library that recreates the famous Motown Sound.

Studio Sampled Sounds – Drum Series Vol. 1 is the first release in Reverb’s new series of acoustic drum sample packs. This free drum library focuses on recreating the old-school drum sounds heard in countless Motown songs performed by artists like Marvin Gaye and Jackson 5.

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The sampled drum kit models the drum setups used by the Motown era drummers. It is a mixture of vintage Gretsch, Tama, and Ludwig drums with a selection of Zildjian cymbals. The drums were carefully tuned and muffled to imitate that classic Motown drum vibe.

The included loops are inspired by the work of legendary Motown drummers like Uriel Jones, “Pistol” Allen, Benny Benjamin, James Gadson, and Earl Palmer. You’ll find a wide selection of classic acoustic drum loops, all neatly edited and labeled with the correct BPM value. The drum loops come in two variants: with and without the percussion.

In addition to the drum loops, Studio Sampled Sounds also contains a set of one-shot drum samples that can be used to create custom drum grooves. There are 300 drum samples in total, neatly sorted into folders by the type of drum that was sampled (snares, kicks, toms, rides, crashes, hi-hats).

Studio Sampled Sounds is a recommended download for anyone who needs old-school acoustic drum breaks. These are much better quality than what you’d get by sampling old records and they can be used in commercial projects, too. Here’s an excerpt from the license: ” The licensee MAY modify the sounds and MAY use the material for commercial purposes as part of a musical composition with other sounds.”

To download your free copy of Studio Sampled Sounds, simply sign up for a Reverb user account (registration is free) and hit the download button on the product page below. Extract the downloaded archive to access the included WAV files and you’re good to go!

More info: Studio Sampled Sounds (423 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 300 drum samples + 303 drum loops in 24-bit WAV format)

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  1. Thank you, great samples! After extraction I ended up with 8 folders named hitsville 1-8.
    But the files in each folder seems identical as far as I can se and hear!

  2. The zip i got was empty (except for a license-pdf), both times i tried the download. :(
    Hm, maybe it’s the universe telling me something, about the amount of drumsamples i own…

    • Lol! :) Well, I own a lot of drum samples, too, but I didn’t mind adding these to the collection. Perhaps try the download again using a different browser?

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