Waves Renaissance Vox Is FREE Until October 15th!


Get the Waves Renaissance Vox ($79 value) vocal compressor plugin for free by subscribing to Valentina Bilancieri’s mailing list before October 15th, 2020.

Renaissance Vox (aka R-Vox) is a vocal compressor that can deliver radio-ready vocals with minimum tweaking. The plugin features only three control parameters, and most of the “magic” happens under the hood. According to Waves, R-Vox is the go-to vocal compressor of top audio engineers worldwide, including countless Grammy-winning producers.

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Getting a radio-ready vocal sound is straightforward when using R-Vox. Instead of offering a range of controls for fine-tuning the dynamic response, the plugin sports a stripped-down control scheme for instant results. The idea behind this approach is simple. Since the plugin was designed as a vocal processor, it doesn’t require an awful lot of flexibility. Its internal components are pre-calibrating for compressing the human voice, and the user only needs to slightly tweak the plugin to better match the recording at hand.

The incoming vocals are processed with a combination of gating, compression, and limiting. The result is a loud and naturally compressed vocal that cuts through a mix with ease.

The vocal plugin that has made recorded music history, R-Vox is the first-choice vocal compressor for top engineers worldwide. With its approachable interface of just three controls for gating, compression, and output gain, R-Vox is the quickest route to a legendary vocal sound.

The user interface features only three slider controls: Gate, Comp, and Gain. The plugin automatically compensates for the gain reduction. As most Waves plugin, R-Vox also features a built-in preset manager, A/B testing functionality, undo/redo support, and a few other workflow enhancements.

Renaissance Vox is usually priced at $79, and it’s currently on sale for $49 on the Waves website (that price can be further reduced to $29 with the coupon code BEST2020). However, you can get R-Vox for free if you subscribe to Valentina Bilancieri’s mailing list before October 15th.

Valentina Bilanceri is a YouTuber and a music producer. She posts beat making videos and music production tutorials.

After signing up, you will receive an R-Vox serial number that can be redeemed at Waves. Log in to your Waves user account and open the “register new products” page. Enter the serial number to add Renaissance Vox to your user account. The offer ends on October 15th, but the plugin license will remain in your Waves account.

Waves R-Vox is available as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. Both 32-bit and 64-bit plugin hosts are supported.

On a related note, Waves Audio is currently running a sitewide 40% OFF sale on individual products and plugin bundles. Enter the coupon code BEST2020 to get 40% OFF your order. Receive additional free plugins when you spend $50 or more.

More info: Valentina Bilancieri (subscribe to the mailing list before October 15th to get Waves R-Vox for free)

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  1. Tomislav Zlatic


    A big THANK YOU to our reader Christian for sharing the info about the Waves R-Vox freebie offer. Thanks for your support!

  2. Simbarashe Fitz-Collins Motsi


    WAVES has made my 2020 the best:

    1. One Knob Phatter
    2. One Knob Wetter
    3. H-Comp
    4. MaxxVolume
    5. One Knob Louder
    6. Bezerk
    7. Sibilance
    8. Manny Mannequin Tone Shaper
    9. R Vox
    10. Reason 11 Lite
    11. Studio Rack

    And its not even Halloween yet.

  3. Thanks very much once again Tomislav, BPB & Christian, for letting us know about Valentina & her kind offer, its very much appreciated 👍

  4. Hello. Does this work in Windows 7? The Waves plugins i was interested in previously only worked with Windows 10.

  5. I signed up a week ago or so and never got an email with the voucher code for R vox. Now I only have a little less than 48 hours to get the code and have it purchased. =[

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