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Audio Plugin Deals has launched a 90% OFF offer on the Sektor ($139) wavetable synthesizer by Initial Audio. The instrument is priced at $14.99 until October 28th, 2020.

Usually sold at the regular price of $139 for the full instrument, developer Initial Audio’s Sektor wavetable synthesizer can be yours for just fifteen bucks! That’s a whopping 90% OFF the standard asking price, and the deal is good for the next thirteen days.

The offer comes courtesy of reseller Audio Plugin Deals.

Sektor By Initial Audio

Sektor is a modern polyphonic wavetable software synthesizer with an intuitive user interface and expressive features like sample layering, built-in sequencing, and advanced modulation. All its envelopes, ADSR generators, and LFOs can connect to most of the synth engine parameters via mouse drag-and-drop or the right-click menu. The synthesizer’s Expression page houses functionality like velocity, aftertouch, and further possibilities for expression.

Of note is that Sektor’s user interface is entirely customizable, letting you change colors, backgrounds, or apply entire themes. Such a level of GUI customization is a rare thing now. It almost feels like a pleasant throwback to the good old times of skinning WinAmp.

Initial Audio Sektor has one of the most customizable GUIs on the market.

Initial Audio Sektor has one of the most customizable GUIs on the market.

Customization is the lifeblood of this synth as a whole. The user can generate custom sequences and arpeggios from within the sequencer, trigger custom samples, and develop their own FX presets and sound packs to share!

Speaking of presets, the factory library alone contains over 750 readily available sounds derived from 200 factory wavetables, 100 multi-sampled instruments, over 250 single samples, and several dozen sequences for the built-in sequencer. With the integrated Wavetable Editor, you can create and edit wavetables on a whim.

Just looking at Sektor and reading about its features, comparisons to Xfer Audio’s well-established Serum synthesizer come up immediately. Both synths cover wavetable synthesis extensively and to the point of overlapping. But out of the box, Sektor offers significantly more factory content, to begin with. And the current no-brainer price of $14.99 makes it a downright steal!

I do own Serum from way back, and I don’t feel like I need both synthesizers to be able to function. But I’m always down for a substantial collection of presets to play with. And 750+ sounds plus a full-fledged synth for fifteen dollars is just dreamy!


SEKTOR is available in standalone, VST2, VST3, and AU formats for Mac and PC computers running macOS 10.7 or later and Windows XP or later. The synthesizer is not compatible with Pro Tools, however.

A single purchase lets you install and run Sektor on three separate machines. Furthermore, you are privileged to free updates until the product reaches its end-of-life status.

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More info: Sektor ($14.99 until October 28th, 2020)

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  1. Very low price,very big guy,but I just don’t like it.
    If you are not sure,You can try the demo anyway.
    I suggest something more famous is more reliable.

    • Any plug has its advatages, quirks and stuff. I got this a while back, but haven’t honestly used it a lot. Knobs and interface things are lagging. It’s the one thing I hope they fix, and then I can explore it better – as normal as i would any other plugin. <3

  2. sektor went on sale a while back for like $17
    got the demo, but i wasn’t impressed. just felt a bit boring
    hard pass, but a good deal nonetheless (ANA 2 is much better sounding and has more features for just $60)

    thanks anyways :)

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