Chowdhury DSP Releases FREE ChowMatrix Delay Effect


Chowdhury DSP has released ChowMatrix, an open-source delay effect in VST, VST3, and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

ChowMatrix is the second free VST plugin by Chowdhury DSP, following the surprisingly good ChowTape tape saturation effect (which was recently updated with a fresh new GUI design – be sure to update your ChowTape installation to the latest version).

Unlike the ChowTape plugin, which emulated analog tape, ChowMatrix delivers an insanely complex delay matrix that would only be possible in the digital world.

With ChowMatrix, the user can interconnect an infinite amount of delay modules where each node delays the audio signal received from its parent node.

Also, each node offers a set of freely adjustable parameters:

  • Delay length;
  • Feedback;
  • Panning;
  • High-pass filter;
  • Low-pass filter;
  • Distortion.

As for the global parameters, you can control the dry/wet mix, the delay interpolation mode, sync mode, and the amount of Insanity. The latter parameter slightly randomizes the delay length for each node. Set the Insanity parameter to a fixed value, or automate it to make your custom delay concoction go bonkers only in a certain song section.

As you increase the Insanity value, ChowMatrix animates nodes to show their relative delay length in real-time. You can watch as the virtual “delay tree” sways and moves like a living organism.

If that isn’t enough virtual insanity for a delay plugin, you can also use the Randomize button to fully randomize the parameters for all delay nodes. Experiment with building custom delays, then save your current settings for later use with the built-in preset manager.

ChowMatrix is the SimCity of delay plugins.

ChowMatrix is the SimCity of delay plugins.

One common problem with modular plugins is that the GUI can get too busy to the point that it becomes a nuisance to use. ChowMatrix tackles this issue relatively well by providing a horizontal overview of each node and a tree-like diagram of the entire setup. The user can select any node and fine-tune its properties in a matter of seconds.

To create a new node, SHIFT-click the delay diagram. If any node was selected previously, it would act as a “parent” for the new node.

The interface is freely resizable, which is also quite useful considering the plugin’s potential for complexity.

So, if you ever happen to wake up with an urge to visit a guitar shop and purchase their entire stock of delay pedals, save some money (and space) by downloading ChowMatrix.

ChowMatrix is available for free download via GitHub (visit the Releases page to locate the latest installer and source code download links).

More info: ChowMatrix (6.5 MB download size, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Praneet Choudhary


    Chowdhury? It is an Indian surname! I am a Choudhary too! Damn, I wanna talk to the developer so bad, I think he is the first Indian VST developer that I know!

  2. I don’t care if the developer is from Mars, this plugin speaks volume and has a promising future in my projects. Thanks Tomislav and Chowdhury.

  3. Also like his Work! This one is another excellent Addition. There are also quite some Gems hidden a bit deeper on his Github.

  4. Tried to comment about this before but maybe it’s not allowed to post links?

    Anyways, Jatin has set up a Patreon account so if you want to support his work, go to Patreon and search for ChowdhuryDSP :) Seems like I’m still the only patron so if you have $5/month to spare I’m sure he will be grateful!

      • I’m glad people know and appreciate (and are inspired by) Sai’ke’s amazing Reaper-only plugins. At least this one’s also free. Sai’ke would be flattered anyways. He makes all his code available for anyone to use in their own work.

        And since Sai’ke hasn’t ported anything to VST yet, this plug brings some of his ideas to a wider audience. I don’t think there’s any harm done here….

  5. i figured out how to use many plugins so far, but this looks unapproachable lol, we’ll see how it goes for me after i actually try it lol

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