New DriveShaper Plugin Is FREE For Existing Cableguys Customers


Cableguys released DriveShaper (€39), a versatile distortion effect in VST and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstation software on PC and Mac.

DriveShaper is the latest release from Cableguys, the company behind popular audio plugins like FilterShaper, HalfTime, and Nicky Romero Kickstart. Their plugins are focused on parameter modulation using custom curves and DriveShaper isn’t an exception in that regard.

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The plugin offers ten different distortion styles and the Cableguys signature modulation curve editor. Customize the curve to any simple or complex shape and use it to automate the distortion algorithm and its parameters.

Here’s how Cableguys describe DriveShaper:

From laser-focused harmonic warmth and sizzle to massively modulated mayhem that reacts and breathes in synergy with your music, DriveShaper does it all – and more. Animate any of 10 exciting shaping algorithms using easy, drawable LFOs and simple 1-slider Envelope Followers.

And here is the official demo/walkthrough video.

DriveShaper costs €39, but it is free for all existing Cableguys customers and Plugin Boutique users. Let’s take a closer look at how you can get DriveShaper for free.

Get DriveShaper For Free @ Cableguys

The newly released DriveShaper plugin is free for all existing Cableguys users. In other words, it’s free for everyone who already owned any Cableguys product before December  16th, 2020. If you’re a registered Cableguys user, check your user account and the DriveShaper plugin license should already be there.

DriveShaper in ShaperBox (the multi-effect plugin from Cableguys), so you can simply download the ShaperBox installer and use the ShaperBox license key to activate the plugin.

Get DriveShaper For Free @ Plugin Boutique

Earlier today, Plugin Boutique sent out free download codes for DriveShaper to all existing customers. If you purchased anything from Plugin Boutique in the past, check your email inbox and the DriveShaper freebie code should be waiting for you there (be sure to check the spam folder, too).

Plugin Boutique’s free download code for DriveShaper isn’t supposed to be shared publicly, so I won’t post it here. That said, you can check your favorite music production forum or other music production community and chances are that the code is already posted there.


More info: Cableguys / Plugin Boutique

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  1. Hmm, strange – I never received an email from Plugin Boutique, and I am an existing customer.
    Several others appear to have the same problem. Fortunately, the code was not hard to find, but I hope this issue gets sorted out.

  2. i found the code in a website. i didnt get it in my email or maybe i got it i am too lazy to search but i did tho i didnt get it . the code is zn1v9

  3. Is it ethical to use the code even if you didn’t buy anything from them? I mean, will real customers not get their licenses just because other people already bought all the free licenses?

    • no, the code can be used indefinately by anyone. existing customers will still use the same code to get the plugin, so get in on it while it’s hot!

  4. I used the code and got a free to use version of shaperbox 2 until the end of 2020 sadly driveshaper is not in it as it should be as listed I have contacted cable guys but annoying since I reinstalled 7 times now

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