Jon V Audio Releases FREE FirComp VST3/AU Plugin


Jon V Audio released FirComp, a freeware compressor effect in VST3 and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

FirComp is a zero-latency compressor designed to sound musical and transparent. The plugin can handle fast attack settings (down to zero milliseconds!) with a high compression ratio. It sounds clean at moderate settings while applying gentle distortion at high compression levels.

There’s a lot to like about FirComp. The plugin was designed to add punch without distorting the signal. On the other hand, FirComp also features an optional look-ahead feature for smooth compression on instrument busses and the master channel.

The controls are pretty much standard for a peak compressor. The user can adjust the compression ratio, compressor knee, attack/release times, dry/wet mix, threshold, and makeup gain. You can also fine-tune the side-chain filter by applying one of the preset settings (de-harsh, de-ess, natural, or off).

One of FirComp’s secrets is the dual parallel release stage. Adjust the release time in milliseconds, then use the slider to fine-tune the program-dependent behavior. This will smooth out the signal without having to use multiple compressors simultaneously.

As for the user interface, FirComp features a minimal design with a dark color scheme and simple graphics. The gain reduction meter on the right shows the compression level in real-time. The labels are easy to read, the knobs are large enough, and there’s really nothing to complain about here.

Check out the FirComp user interface below (screenshot taken in Studio One).

FirComp sports a minimal user interface with a dark color scheme.

FirComp sports a minimal user interface with a dark color scheme.

It’s also worth noting that FirComp is well-optimized for low CPU consumption. You can use the plugin on all channels across the mix without noticing a performance hit.

Some users are comparing FirComp with the popular TDR Kotelnikov compressor plugin by Tokyo Dawn Labs. Both plugins deliver transparent compression, whereas FirComp seems to be more oriented towards compressing drums and other percussive audio material.

Coincidence or not, we featured another excellent freeware compressor yesterday. Check out the TLS 1295 LEA plugin by Tin Brook Tales for a more gritty and distorted approach to gain reduction.

You can download FirComp completely free of charge from the product page linked below. Keep in mind that two versions of the plugin are available at the moment. The second version, called “FirComp Low Ratio,” adds more compression ratio options (1.2 and 1.5) and a 100 Hz sidechain high-pass filter option.

More info: FirComp (1.93 MB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST3/AU plugin format for Windows, macOS, Linux)

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  2. I have been really loving this compressor and that TLS one posted recently, fun to work with and the results are A+

    • NO IT’S NOT smh! Just went to their website and it cost $89 bucks. Stop false promoting free plugin offers dude. I knew you were lying bkz i just saw them on KVR for standard price.

      • So sorry if there has been a misunderstanding. I’m not lying. I’m not sure if it’s right to post a link here so i’m not going to do that.
        Just go to the latest video on BenoniStudio youtube channel and you will find the link in the description. Cheers!

        • No, it’s all good bro. I just made it even EASIER in my prior message. I tried to beat you to the punch before you replied, but you will see that i APPOLOGIZED for my presumptuous acusations, calling you a liar. Turns out>>YOU WERE/ARE NOT NOT A LIAR/LYING!! But i didn’t go to BenoniStudio, i went to PROTOOLS bkz when i Google searched for thr free offer that’s what popped up, and it was VERY EASY to retrive from PROTOOLS WEBSITE feel me. SO NO NEED to go to Youtube, or Benoni to find out thanks to BOTH of us feel me. Happy new year bro, thanks again, appreciate you looking out for ALL of us. >>AND WHERE DO YOU LIVE if i may ask by chance bkz i noticed that MTY TIME IS 12:47 PM daytime, & YOUR TIME was 7:20PM when you made your comment? I said bro must be half way across the world or something bahahah!!

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        • Iv’e already ORDERED, signed up for mines and have my offer in my Email from Harrison directly. But you must download their PLugin manager installer i believe to install it. But then again, i also read that it could be download as a solitary product as well. Personally, i’m download the Harrison plugin Manager as i have always been interested in there plugin products (namely Harrison mix bus), but just never got around to pursuing purchasing any of their products. So this is a WONDERFUL entry product to start me on my journey. ANd whenever i do decide to get the Harrison mix Bus, or if the have any other freebies, i’ll already have the plugin manager installed for easy download access to their plugins you feel me? So IDK if it’s mandatory, but i did read you can do it by way of just installing the Ava Mastering EQ and pasting the serial to get the plugin up & running. I’m not taking any chances as i said, as well, i feel Harrison DESERVES for me to at least down load the PM since they were kind enough to offer it to use freely you know? No biggie, i have an (external 2 TERABYTE) HD, so i have plenty space outside of my main HD.

        • The “Harrison Mix Bus’ DEMO also comes with the EQ as a bundled free offer optionally if ur/ for those interested. Harrisons timing was just right! As i was interested in BOTH products, so i kind of got my wish in that aspect ahah lol. They NEED sales bkz the competiton has been fierce im sure. So they’ve waited until everything has died down a bit in the market as to stand out and be seen to get producers, potential customers attentions. Right now our attention spans are not overloaded, which is why i said Harrison TIMED it geniusly wheteher they tried to, mean’t to or not. It worked is all that matters lol. SO they should see better consumer interaction/ tracktion promotionally now.

  3. Eric Marquez


    Don’t know about others but for me it gets blacklisted by Ardour in linux (I downloaded the linux version, .so).

  4. Author of the plugin has since released a new version (paying), Fircomp 2. Maybe update the article with this or make a new one.

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