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AudioPluginDeals offers a limited-time 66% off deal on the Guitarist (€37) virtual electric guitar plugin by Sugar Bytes.

We can create stunning orchestral scores entirely with virtual instruments, so why has a convincing rhythm guitar part been so elusive?

The simple answer is that it isn’t just about recreating the sound; it’s about recreating the guitarist. Rhythm, by definition, is about movement, pattern, feel, and nuance.

Guitarist from Sugar Bytes (typically €119) could be the answer. Sugar Bytes weren’t the first to tackle this problem; Steinberg launched Virtual Guitarist way back in the day. More recently, UJAM took over the Virtual Guitarist series, and it’s still going strong.

Sugar Bytes Guitarist includes four electric guitar types (over 2000 samples each), amp emulations, and built-in effects. But, the thing that sets Guitarist apart is the step-sequencer approach taken by Sound Bytes.

Commonly, guitar plugins work by a specific key range setting the strumming pattern, another key range triggering the sound/chord, and perhaps another to add accents. Depending on your idea’s complexity, getting your fingers around the keys can be fidgety and limiting.

As a step sequencer, Guitarist offers much deeper customization than most. You can set the root note, chord type, strum direction, strum style (dampened/ghost notes), and add stops on each step. The chord section has around 400 factory chords and space for 24 user chords.

What impresses me more than the range of chord extensions is the animation tab, where you can really jump in at the deep end. Animation lets you control finger position, but it’s not just changing from one voicing to another; you can add melody lines into your patterns.

Another outstanding but overlooked feature is that you can drag & drop MIDI sequences from Guitarist to trigger another software/MIDI track in your DAW. For example, you could double up your guitar part with a choppy organ or clavinet.

The UI is clean and easy to navigate; action section on the left, amps and FX on the right, step-sequencer in the middle. Amps and effects offer the usual suspects, while the action section lets you tweak in realtime by adding loops, ghost notes, half tempo, and more. An almost steampunk-style animated guitar underneath the sequencer shows everything your pattern is doing.

Guitarist runs as an AU, VST, AAX plugin, or standalone instrument on Windows or Mac. This limited-time offer ends on February 4th, so don’t hang about.

More info: Sugar Bytes Guitarist (66% OFF @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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    • Tried it… (there is a nice trial) after having viewed videos, so I knew how it works.. and I am convinced, so I just got it!
      I am a guitarist, and already own several guitar vstis. This is not incompatible.. and being a guitarist help use these in a better way!

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