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Clark Audio offers its UK Drill sample pack ($30 value) free for a limited time. The offer is exclusive to Audioplugin Deals, and it ends on the 5th of March, 2021.

If you know your Chief Keef and your Young Chop, you might not need the history lesson, but here’s a brief insight to UK Drill for anyone who doesn’t. UK Drill came about in response to the emergence of Chicago Drill in the United States.

Chicago Drill first appeared around 2010 as an extension of Trap music with harsher lyrical content, even though trap lyrics are already pretty rough. A basic description would be that Drill takes a Trap-style beat but slows the tempo to around 60-70bpm, often with a double-time hi-hat.

If you thought Hip-Hop lyrics were already pretty aggressive, there’s one significant difference when it comes to Drill.

Mainstream Hip-Hop tends to glamourize drugs and violence by focusing on the life of riches it leads to. Drill focuses on the harsher reality that most people don’t make it out of that life, highlighting the fact that it’s real life. Furthermore, violence is often described without any sense of morals, or consequence. UK Drill started in London and has produced many prominent artists like Skepta and 808Melo.

Clark Audio created the UK Drill sample pack in collaboration with MacZane, who has produced tracks for the above-mentioned Skepta, amongst others.

Despite the slow tempo, Drill music tends to throw up some relatively complex rhythms. It’s not just the double-time hi-hats; it’s unusual kick drum patterns and seamlessly going between perfect time and dragging. Drill is far more straightforward harmonically and melodically, and the simple melodies tend to make the rhythms sound more aggressive.

The UK Sample pack has loads of what you need to create Drill beats and full songs (High-quality 24bit WAV files). It has some dirty synth bass loops that can get you through an entire song, given the genre’s simplistic approach. There’s also plenty of 808 loops, vocal chants, and instrument loops that work great for intros and throughout the track (175 total files).

As a longtime MPC user and Hip-Hop fan, I take samples from all over. When it comes to downloading sample packs like UK Drill for free, I tend to grab them even if I have no immediate plans for them. Sooner or later, I’ll use them for something.

More info: Clark Audio UK Drill (FREE @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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  1. Highlighting the fact that it’s real life? their life, drill glamourizes delinquent and criminal life-style. Not happy to find this stuff here:(

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