SampleScience Releases FREE G-Town Church Sample Project


SampleScience releases the G-Town Church Sample Project sound library by Tobias Marberger as a free download.

The G-Town Church Sampling Project takes its name from the Swedish town of Grebbestab, where it was recorded in a local church. The sounds were captured by music producer Tobias Marberger and released by SampleScience.

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The collection contains a total of 1048 samples, including multi-sampled instruments, percussion, and acoustic FX. It features too many instruments to list here, but you can check out a full line-up before downloading. Instead, I’ll pick out a few of my favorites.

As far as the instruments go, I really like the overblown flute staccs and the fake glass harmonica. The flute staccs can be used melodically and percussively, as can many of the included sounds. I like the fake glass harmonica because it can be very sweet, but it has an eerie quality to it as well.

There are a lot of things I like about the percussion, but I’d highlight the anvils, bass drums, and open snares. I’m not entirely sure why I like the anvils yet; they are different, and when you have an endless supply of samples, different is good.

When it comes to the bass drums, they have the depth, but it’s not just a thump; there’s plenty of air around them. The same can be said about the open snares; you can really hear the space around them.

I think it’s a pretty safe bet that it’s all about the room when someone records in a church. So, when I downloaded the pack, I wanted to hear the church more than anything else. I think Tobias Marberger has done a great job in capturing the ambiance of the church. Everything rings out naturally, so it sounds authentic and convincing.

S. Christian Collins converted the samples to Sfz format for use with the free Sforzando plugin instrument. Sforzando is a simple but powerful free sample player that allows enthusiasts to create, experiment, and share instruments.

As I always say with sample packs, you’ll find stuff you’ll use often and others that you might not touch. I think the G-Town Church Sampling Project will appeal to any media composers out there (and aspiring media composers).

There’s no sign-up required, just a simple download, no questions asked. All samples are 16-bit WAV files, compatible with any software that reads 16-bit WAV files.

More info: G-Town Church Sampling Project

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  1. short hopper


    I’ve had the G-Town samples for years. It’s a great collection that dates back to 2005. Glad that someone is re- releasing them in SFZ format.

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