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Sabrina Reverb Is A FREE 64-bit Reverb VST Plugin For Windows


We Love Walter offers Sabrina Reverb, a freeware reverb VST plugin (64-bit) for compatible digital audio workstations on Windows.

At the time of writing, the Sabrina Reverb is Windows only, but a Linux version is in the works, so stay tuned for that.

Sabrina Reverb has a straightforward and easy-to-use GUI. It has diffusion size and amount controls, LFO amplitude, and speed controls, and a recycle control.

Some reverb plugins cover diffusion settings with more controls, maybe having shape size/attack knobs and early/late reflection diffusion knobs, like Valhalla’s Vintage Verb. Although simpler, Sabrina Reverb’s diffusion size and amount controls let you get quite a lot done.

Using the diffusion size knob, you can control how quickly the diffusion builds up and the space between the early reflection delays. A slower diffusion build-up is often good to create some separation between the reverb and the source. In some cases, having fewer controls can be good for a reverb plugin, as it’s easier to go too far with more.

Increasing and decreasing the diffusion amount can thicken your sound or create more discrete echoes. How you approach it will depend on the source that you are applying it to. As a general guideline, lower diffusion amounts are often better for vocals. It helps create a smooth and rich reverb while still maintaining clarity.

The LFO modulation available gives you more control over your sound and helps it sit nicely in your mix. Again, how you approach the LFO settings will depend on your source, but it’s handy if you have that pumping four to the floor sound and don’t want the reverb to become overbearing.

The recycle knob deals with the reverb decay. If turned all the way up, it becomes a freeze (frozen reverb). A frozen reverb means the reverb will continue to sustain (from the point of freezing) and never decay. This function is great for creating ambient, atmospheric sounds. It’s particularly good for scoring film, whether it’s a lonesome pad creating an organic soundscape or some kind of ethereal music.

We Love Walter is new for me, but the response to Sabrina Reverb and their Liberty Multi-mode distortion plugin looks very positive. So, I hope to see more from them.

Potential future upgrades might include VST3 support, pre-delay, low and high-pass filter controls, and an overhauled GUI. If the Linux version goes ahead as planned, it would be nice to see macOS next.

Sabrina Reverb is available for free download via Rekkerd.

More info: Sabrina Reverb (507 KB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows, download via Rekkerd)

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