Get Krotos Simple Concept Plugin For FREE With Loopcloud Trial


Get a FREE Krotos Simple Concept (£24 value) plugin license (via Plugin Boutique) when you take a Loopcloud free 30-day trial.

Simple Concept from Krotos is an intuitive soft-synth that crams a big sound into a little box with very few controls. It’s available for macOS and windows in 64-bit AU, VST, VST3, and AAX Native formats.

Before I get into Simple Concept, I’ll start with Loopcloud because I’m already a fan.

I’ve been a Loopcloud user from day 1, or at least very close to it. Over that time, it’s seen some massive improvements and new additions like Loopcloud Drum and Play. There are other platforms available for sample content, but I’ve never found any reason to use them. Loopcloud has over 4 million sounds, seamless DAW integration, and it’s always looking to innovate.

As much as I like new additions like Loopcloud Drum with its MPC pad-style step sequencer, the thing I like most is the convenience. Being able to open it in my DAW and not just hear the sounds but throw them into loop editors to test sequences before purchasing a sample or pack saves a lot of time.

It comes with a bunch of pattern presets that are good for chopping a sample into something unexpected. It even has a pretty comprehensive effects rack; you can do so much right inside Loopcloud. It’s got me out of a creative block enough times, and I’m sure it will again.

Here's a closer look at Simple Concept by Krotos.

Now, the free gift, finally. Krotos has taken its Concept synth engine and jammed it into a streamlined, easy-to-use plugin. Simple Concept can be used to shape basses, leads, pads, and FX. The GUI has four sections; the oscilloscope, the macros, the ADSR envelope, and Tweak It.

The macros control pre-selected parameters that change depending on the selected preset. What you get is what Krotos consider to be the most important parameters for any given sound to help you create something unique quickly. So that’s how you shape the basic sound, and the envelope shapes the response of the sound.

There are 80 presets in total, but clicking the Tweak It dice adjusts the synth engine, creating infinite variations.

I think Simple Concept is an excellent synth for beginners, and at any level, it’s often good to have a synth that will throw up useable sounds quickly. I won’t tell you it’s a powerhouse, monster synth because it’s not; but, it’s not meant to be, either.

It’s free; the Loopcloud trial is free; it’s a win-win.

More info: Loopcloud (get Krotos Simple Concept for free with Loopcloud trial)

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    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I’m already a Loopcloud user and I received an email from them one day ago, containing the free code for Krotos Simple Concept. Check your spam folder, maybe it went there.

      • Checked it. I am a free Loopcloud user, just started using it a few weeks ago actually. I don’t think they will just give the code to free users, that would too generous of them.

  1. Tactile_coast


    You are not missing out on anything. Its really just a player, not a synth and only comes with a tiny amount of average at best presets.

  2. I already have this with the CM magazine,and I’m not really like this synth,there is no much you can do with the sounds.

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