Brandulator 2.0 Is A FREE Multi-Effect VST Plugin By Stone Voices


Stone Voices releases Brandulator 2.0, a freeware multi-mode effect in 64-bit VST2 and VST3 plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows.

Brandulator 2.0 is a complex sound processor that allows you to combine multiple effects in many interesting ways.

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The plugin takes the original signal and splits it into 16 steps/intervals based on the tempo of your track. You can then process each of these steps in a wide variety of ways.

Effects include comb filters, trance gate, vocoder, ring mod, flanger, phaser, and various other types of modulation. The GUI shows 3 channels (A, B, C), each with 16 steps. You can adjust each channel independently, including volume and panning.

Combining channels lets you create a realistic stereo image or just layer multiple effects to create unique sounds. You can also turn any channel off if you like, of course.

Before you get into setting the parameters of each step, there are 106 factory presets that will probably get you close to the sound you want to create. You can check out some of the presets on the video demo; my particular favorites so far are the Stereo Simple Chorus, and many of the filter presets.

The filter presets seem like they could be a lot of fun on drum tracks, and the plugin as a whole seems great for that glitchy sound.

Here's a closer look at Brandulator's user interface.

Here’s a closer look at Brandulator’s user interface.

As well as the presets, Brandulator 2.0 also has over 300 musical scales in its database. The scales are excellent if you have a clear idea of the mood/feel you want to create. They work well whether you are trying to evoke a particular emotion or nod to a specific musical culture/region. If you don’t have a clear idea yet, Brandulator 2.0 has some handy randomization options.

It’s possible to control Brandulator 2.0 with your MIDI keyboard, too, if you want a more hands-on approach. Editing parameters can be done individually and can go pretty deep, as you can see, or in groups if more convenient.

I haven’t been able to test Brandulator 2.0 properly, but there’s a lot to like about it. I get the impression it’s a plugin that could take something that was going nowhere and turn it into something completely unexpected. Plugins that can do that always have value, so if you’ve got something out of Brandulator 2.0, let us know in the comments section below.

More info: Brandulator 2 (12.4 MB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST2/VST3 plugin format for Windows)

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  1. With Valhalla FreqEcho, SpaceModulator and SuperMassive, already free, I feel that most new plugins like Brandulator becomes a distraction rather than a superior weapon

    • Dear James. Having looked through the pages with the plug-ins Valhalla FreqEcho, SpaceModulator and SuperMassive that you specified, alas, I did not find they work exactly as a step sequencer as a parameter setting. Therefore, the conclusion suggests itself that your statement regarding Brandulator is extremely reckless, since the listed line of plug-ins you specified is not a replacement for it.

      • I strongly agree with 2nd DJ ZEF; this is more along the lines of multi-effect tool, such as: ill-formed Glitch2, iZotope StutterEdit, 2getherAudio re4orm, etc. (among many others)

      • When I read “Dear James,” I instantly thought I don’t remember discussing any of those plugins and had to scan the article again, haha.

        Not realising straight away that you were responding to the commenter directly above, I may need more coffee!

    • What do the plugins you listed have to do with Brandulator other than that they’re all free VSTs? Nothing. What a pointless comment.

      Thanks for the heads up on Brandulator, BPB, and thank you Stone Voices, for the great update to an already excellent plugin!

  2. Origin Makers


    I have their Brandulator 1.0. Fun plugin to use , dint use one any project though. But their Moss Equalizer really superb Digital equalizer with max of 256 band. Dont know why its not famous.

    • Sorry to say, but who needs an equalizer with 256 bands? These FFT-based equalizers usually do not sound very good, so why switch from better EQs to Moss Equalizer?

  3. I found a free new tool for people who want to convert there project files from one daw to another like Fls to Als, Als to FLS, Logic, reaper etc. and you can also download various song structures and arrangements for your DAW, I thought fellow BPB readers would be interested to know about this tool.
    Here’s the link to the website.
    It’s Created by Dylan Tallcheif, Tutorials on his Youtube channel

  4. OnlySlightlyBent


    Love this effect. For a free effect, this is really top notch. I have lots of paid VSTs that are not near as good or as much fun as this.

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