SPATIO Light Is A FREE macOS Reverb Plugin By ANWIDA Soft


ANWIDA Soft releases SPATIO Light, a freeware reverb effect in VST and AU plugin formats for macOS (the Windows-compatible edition of the plugin is coming soon).

SPATIO Light true stereo reverb capable of simulating a variety of spaces. The developers claim that SPATIO Light excels at emulating anything from small rooms to large concert halls and natural spaces.

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I’m sure some of our readers will remember the old (and now discontinued) DX Reverb Light plugin by ANWIDA Soft. It featured a completely different GUI, but the available control parameters were exactly the same as in SPATIO Light.

While ANWIDA Soft doesn’t mention DX Reverb Light on the SPATIO Light, I wouldn’t be surprised if the new plugin uses at least some fragments of the old code. I actually used DX Reverb Light quite a lot back in the day. It was easy to operate and delivered some pretty good-sounding room reverbs.

Let’s take a closer look and SPATIO Light’s feature set. The plugin offers five controllable parameters. The user can tweak the simulated space by setting the pre-delay, decay, and low-pass controls. It is also possible to adjust the mix balance and the output volume.

For users who value high precision, the GUI lets you enter the numeric values below each slider control. This isn’t a must-have feature by any means, but it’s a handy option to have at your disposal.

ANWIDA Soft claims that the plugin uses “highly optimized DSP code” and “ultra-clean and noiseless processing.” Again, it would be pretty cool if SPATIO Light uses the same code as DX Reverb Light, only optimized for modern CPUs and operating systems.

I couldn’t test SPATIO Light in my DAW because the plugin is currently only available on macOS. Hopefully, the developer will release the Windows version of the plugin sooner than later.

Have you tested the new SPATIO Light plugin by ANWIDA Soft? You’re welcome to post your first impressions in the comments section below. I’d love to hear how the plugin compares to the old DX Reverb Light freebie, too!

UPDATE: SPATIO Light is now updated to v1.1. The new version introduces smoother decay, a more refined bass response, improved stereophonic image, optimized performance, and new presets.

Download: SPATIO Light (4.4 MB download size, DMG file, 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for macOS)

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  1. Michal Ochedowski


    It’s a beautiful sounding reverb. So simple to use, with all necessary controls. Registration on the website was quick and hassle free.

  2. Michal Ochedowski


    By the way, are there any Cakewalk users who can confirm strange behavior with audio buffer in this plugin? I mean when I tested it in Tracktion Waveform, I could clearly hear the tail of the reverb, when I pressed stop. In Cakewalk the buffer was being put “on hold” or “frozen”, when I pressed stop. I could hear the rest of the effect tail only when I pressed play again. It reminded me of Leslie Sanford Delay, except that in the latter audio buffer was being emptied every time in every DAW. I could never understand that concept.

    • Disable “Always Stream Audio Through FX” under “Audio – Playback and Recording” in preferences.

      • Michal Ochedowski


        WIBBLES, thank you for the suggestion. It doesn’t fix this issue. I would be surprised if it did. Cakewalk manual states, that having this option enabled lets effect with a “tail” to finish playing when playback is stopped. I actually gave up trying to figure this out. It’s the most annoying thing when a good effect needs to be forgotten.

  3. Disable “Always Stream Audio Through FX” under “Audio – Playback and Recording” in preferences.

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