Audio Damage Dubstation 2 Is FREE With Any Purchase @ Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique offers the Dubstation 2 (€29 value) delay plugin by Audio Damage for FREE with any purchase.

The giveaway will be active throughout the month of May, and all paid purchases qualify. Just make sure that the total amount in your shopping cart exceeds zero. The deal isn’t available for “free checkout” orders.

Many people will tell you that Dubstation 2 is a must-have if you produce dub, techno, and many styles of EDM. It’s a plugin with a big reputation as a powerhouse in those circles.

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Dubstation 2 emulates a classic bucket-brigade delay and delivers the characteristics of vintage hardware units. The defining characteristic would be the warm distortion that can be introduced using the input drive and saturation controls.

One of the first things I liked about Dubstation 2 is that the GUI is straightforward and resizable. The core parameters, delay time and feedback, are right in the middle of the interface. The middle of the GUI also has a few important switches; x2 time, tempo sync, reverse, and looper.

At the heart of the plugin are 2 independent delay lines, although it can be as a single line mono delay, too. Each delay line has individual time settings up to 2000ms (or host-synced). The Reverse and looper functions are where Dubstation 2 gets even more interesting. Reverse allows you to flip the delay buffer, and looper creates an infinite cycle, turning Dubstation 2 into an impressive digital looper.

To the left, you’ll find the modulation controls along with the input drive and saturation knobs I mentioned earlier. There are 2 filters (HP/LP) and an LFO that modulates the delay time, delivering analog-like pitch modulation. The built-in filters allow you to shape the frequency and manipulate the feedback circuit on the fly.

To the right, you have mode switches for single/dual and ping-pong on/off. Rounding off the controls are the width, output level, and mix (dry/wet) knobs.

Audio Damage describes Dubstation 2 as a “Swiss army knife” for delay effects. I think that’s a pretty fair description given the versatility of the plugin.

In terms of versatility, it’s not just the functions and features; it’s more about the potential applications. Some plugins are perfect for a specific type of use, but I could see Dubstation 2 being used in production, sound design, and live performance.

Dubstation 2 is available for macOS, Windows, Linux, and iOS in VST, VST3, AU, AUv3, and AAX formats.

Add any product to your Plugin Boutique shopping cart and proceed to the checkout page. You can choose between getting Dubstation 2 or DriveShaper for FREE with your purchase.

More info: Dubstation 2 (FREE with any purchase @ Plugin Boutique)

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  1. Lining up to be a good month for freebies. I think also the MPC 2 DAW (with included plugins $99 value) will ship free with Beat Magazine this month.

        • The issue/ISO should soon be able to order, it will appear at this link:

            • Just to follow up about this. The issue is now available, I bought it and downloaded the ISO content. I am not sure if MPC that is included is the MPC 2 as sold by AKAI, but rather a special Beat version, that is a bit cut down compared to that. I will have to install and check it out in detail. Just a warning, since I stated above that it was the full version.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I agree, looking like a great month for freebies so far. And here’s a hint: BPB will play a role in that, too! :wink:

  2. I already got those two giveaways for free(one for limited time,one with loopcloud),BP really don’t take something attractive.
    Even ADSR has a giveaway EQ Plugin worth $150.

    • Jean-Baptiste


      Of course you know that plugin prices do not really mean very much nowadays…
      But I see what you mean: we have all become so addicted to freebies that we’re disappointed when we don’t get our fix :) I plead guilty as well.

  3. Actually they are both excellent plugins, so it’s a great freebie to those who don’t own them yet. Personally I prefer an Audio Damage plugin over another EQ plugin, even if it’s worth 150$ :)

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I’m also a big fan of Audio Damage plugins, but DriveShaper is my #1 pick in this case. The modulation tools from Cableguys are simply incredible.

  4. For Live users, Sonic Bloom has just published a free Mellotron Bassoon Live Pack

  5. Waves Renaissance Bass is free to claim for those with an account over at Bitwig

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey Numanoid, that’s epic! Thanks for the info. I’m including this in our forthcoming May 2021 deals & freebies article.

    • Michal Ochedowski


      It’s available only for those who have license for Bitwig Studio, Bitwig Studio EDU, or Bitwig Studio 16-Track. Too bad for me, but definitely great news for some! Thanks for keeping us up to date.

      • Yes, too bad, I just logged into my account, I only got 8 track, and no Waves plugin to claim :-(
        This is not the first time it has been given away free, I bagged it during the last giveaway:

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