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Native Instruments Summer Of Sound 2021 – 50% OFF Deals!


Native Instruments launched the Summer of Sound 2021 sale, offering a 50% OFF discount updates and upgrades to Komplete 13 collections.

The Summer of Sound 2021 sale includes individual instruments and effects, hardware bundle deals, as well as Traktor Pro 3 and Maschine software.

If you’re looking to purchase NI Komplete for the first time or update your current NI Komplete collection, this one of the best deals of the year.

For Existing NI Komplete Users

Existing NI Komplete users can update to the latest edition of the bundle or upgrade their collection to include more products. Get a 50% OFF discount on any upgrade path.

The easiest way to find your available upgrade offers is to visit the My KOMPLETE Offers page on Native Instruments’ website.

If You Don’t Own NI Komplete

Users who don’t already own NI Komplete can choose from a variety of upgrade and update offers.

Upgrade your existing NI software collection or purchase a hardware product bundled with NI Komplete.

Hardware + NI Komplete

The first option is the hardware/software bundles. Get the NI Komplete collection bundled with a Komplete Kontrol Keyboard, a Komplete Audio interface, or a Maschine hardware controller.

Check out the Hardware Offers page for more info.

NI Massive Crossgrade

If you own the original NI Massive virtual synthesizer, you can crossgrade to the latest Massive X plugin at a 50% OFF discount.

The upgrade offer gets you Massive X and a set of 10 Massive X expansion packs.

Summer Of Sound 2021

Summer of Sound 2021 begins on June 1st and ends on June 30th, 2021. Visit the page linked below for more info about the sale.

Unfortunately, E-vouchers (such as the one available in the iZotope X Native Instruments freebie offer) cannot be used for the Summer of Sound 2021 deals.

More info: Summer of Sound / Hardware Offers / My KOMPLETE Offers

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  1. Great news, but unfortunately it doesn’t include the crossgrade offer from Komplete Start I’m already waiting so long for…

  2. Nigel Newell


    Hi, thanks for the article.. just to say it’s not all about Komplete, I got the full version of Kontakt 6, by crossgrading from Arcane for £112.

    • Well, lucky me: I meant exactly what you described but my head is somewhere else today. So I just purchased full Kontakt! Thanks pal!

    • Exactly bro lmao! I have the “Arcane” & the free “Hammersmith Piano” by sonnicouture specifically for purposes of the (serials) so whenever i want to cross/upgrade i can get it for a reasonable/50% off price. As of the moment,my upgrade deal offers says that i can get K13 with 60+ products for $200 (actually $199.50, but what’s 50 more cent so i rounded it off lol).

      This is bkz i am a “N.I Maschine” owner since i believe 2011. So either way i was going to get a rebated price. I was just going to buy “Kontakt” which would’ve been $100 (with a crossgrade 3rd party serial) which is why i got Arcane, and Hammersmith.

      Not to mention they are pretty nice plugins/software in their own rights tho i have NOT even downloaded or used them lol (overwhelmed with to many options,own so much quality software). Originally i felt to just get Kontakt bkz of all the FREE dope instruments by way of 3rd party devz, vendors etc. But i said, if i’m going to spend $100 for Kontakt 6, and K13 comes WITH Kontakt 6, AND Reaktor 6, not to mention the THOUSANDS worth in additional markee N.I software that have become industry/producer standards essentially for the $199.50. SO for $99.50 more dollares i’ll get 6,7k worth of free products lol.

      You have to be very cautious when dealing with N.I bkz if you just blindly BUY at suggested retail price you’ll NEVER see yourself owning, or being able to afford their rediculously EXPENSIVE products smh! With N.I you LEARN fast, sooner or later>>>that you MUST find those applicable “Crossgrades/upgrades” or go broke trying to get, purchase, own>> the GOOD stuff in the N.I products ecosystemfamily >>bkz their (standard) hardware/software products purchased only offer sellect, element, i .e bare bones software etc (unless you buy a prime product over $500). If you really want the true STAR products of N.I you’ll have to buy the standard, mandatory K13.

      If you buy an expensive higher end midi conroller keyboard, Mk3, or Maschine+ they give you K13 for free smh! This pisses me off bkz i’ve bought Maschine TWICE. I had the Mk1, wanted the “colored” pad scheme controller so i essentially bought it twice smh, now they are giving those who purchase the NEW Maschines the WHOLE k13 kit & kaboodle. I hate how Native Instruments TREAT their most LOYAL, life long clients.

      They show little to NO love even after using them as your (primary) to software devs. I’m going on 11 YEARS now with N.I & they have treated me HORRIBLY the whole time. They even robbed me for $50 on a product i purchsed that was i owned outright freely, but didn’t understand the context of what my products were, and thought i had to purchase the Maschine Mk2 software upgrade again (for the new controller) when i bought my second Mk (2) bkz i thought it was a new, different, seperate ordeal from Mk1.

      Tried to get reinbursed my $50 bucks back bkz i already owned it. Safe to say, i was cursed out and HUNG UP ON by their chyttie support team smh. And THAT^^^^ is WHY i haven’t spent any more significant money with them. When i buy K13 I AM DONE with Native Instruments ecosystems period. I may copp the s32 mini midi keyboard controller to keep everything succint in my studio set up for work flow purposes, but after that they out my life for good bkz they do NOT RESPECT their clients.

      >> Unless ur a novice, new to music making so they can screw you around bkz the newbies don’t know HOW to work around N.I’s “hustle’s” to ALLOW you to pay for products that >>they could’ve TOLD you how to get for a cheaper price smh. That’s another reason i dispise N.I business practices, they only care about the new potential buyers bkz they can manipulate, take advantage of their ignorance etc fax.

      I’m waiting untill the END of the month as the sale is from June 1-30,31st to buy K13 tho i do have the funds to purchase it now. I’m waiting for additional money i have coming. That way it won’t hurt me & my bottomline bkz i’m doing a “Revamp” of all my controllers, and my initial studio set up bkz everything is worn out now from extended use!

      New Audio interface, monitors, midi controllers etc. So b4 i buy K13 i’ll spend that money on my physical music making tools needs opposed to the later. I have TONS of many dif softwares for sounds. I just want k13 truly bkz of Kontakt 6. And just so i get my moneys worth it makes no sense to buy Kontakt 6 when u can add $99.50 to that and essentially get EVERYTHING, the most stylized, markee product names from their extensive software ecosystem. As a producer you learn that you MUST spend your $$$$ cost effectively. Even if it takes you over budget you must find, & make a way bkz that’s how N.I skrewz people over facts on God. They PRAY in niavity, buyer ignorance unfortunately. And those who get on the N.I train (unkowingly) will soon share the same sentiments, & experiences.

  3. You guys can use coupon SELECT21 to have KOMPLETE13 SELECT for 50% off(until june 14),then you can upgrade it with half price now.Really have to say,KOMPLETE13 is much more valuable.

  4. antti maatteri


    well…ni is funny. i dont own any ni software.
    but i can get it when i buy hardware.
    unfortunately i dont need hardware. whereas i could have good use of reaktor and maybe even kontakt.

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