Learn Music Production For €29 With Building Blocks @ VSTBuzz!


VSTBuzz offers the Building Blocks music production training platform by Audible Genius for a discounted price of €29 until June 16th.

If Audible Genius sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the team behind Syntorial, one of the true breakthroughs in music education.

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And if you’re not familiar, Syntorial essentially walked you through 99% of the controls you’ll need to program a synth properly and confidently in a vast number of in-depth lessons. I tried it out when it came out, and even though I never finished it, it was pretty mind-blowing how easily and how fast things stuck.

That was back in 2014. I was pretty sad to see that, year after year, nothing else would come out from the company.

Well, turns out they weren’t just sitting around twiddling their thumbs but were hard at work at something so ambitious, it might be a little insane. But then again, that’s what I thought when I first heard about Syntorial.

Alright, so check this out – Building Blocks is an abstracted course that teaches the already abstract visual language that DAWs use and how they deal with music melody, harmony, rhythm, and more advanced music theory.

If you remember how weird and alien piano rolls, punching in blocks of MIDI, velocity, and automation felt when you started out, this is exactly what Building Blocks teaches.

The original Syntorial was great at teaching you to program, listen, and understand what each change sounds like.

And until June 16th, you can buy both levels for only €29, which is pretty crazy. I only tried the free trial, but looking through all the available lessons, that’s a lot of knowledge.

I’m a big fan of going through as many courses as I can find, particularly ones about songwriting and Building Blocks levels 1 & 2 really cover a lot – from basslines and basic drum beats to arrangements, phrasing, different chords, and chord progressions – there really is a ton here to sink your teeth into.

I would’ve been a big fan of this when I was starting out, and I could see myself getting a lot of value out of Building Blocks even now. And again, things are abstract and minimal enough that you can transplant these skills in almost any DAW.

More info: Building Blocks (browser-based learning curriculum, available on VSTBuzz for €29 until June 16th)

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