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GIVEAWAY: iZotope’s Community Appreciation Bundle (WINNERS ANNOUNCED 🏆)


Bedroom Producers Blog offers 5 FREE COPIES of the iZotope Community Appreciation Bundle ($49), kindly provided by our friends at iZotope.

The iZotope Community Appreciation Bundle costs $49 and contains eleven popular iZotope plugins. The combined value of the included products is $1,659 (tax excluded).

Read more about the bundle below and scroll to the bottom of the article to enter the giveaway.

iZotope Community Appreciation Bundle

From sound design tools like Stutter Edit 2 and Trash 2 to the best-selling Elements Suite for mixing and mastering, the bundle is a great way to expand your music production software collection.

Another welcome addition is the reverb trio from Exponential Audio, featuring state-of-the-art reverbs for music and post-production. And let’s not forget the Iris 2 virtual synthesizer, iZotope’s flexible sample-based instrument for creative sound design.

Here is the complete list of the included plugins:

  • RX Elements
  • Ozone Elements
  • Neutron Elements
  • Nectar Elements
  • Stutter Edit 2
  • Iris 2
  • Trash 2
  • Breaktweaker Expanded
  • R2 by Exponential Audio
  • Excalibur by Exponential Audio
  • Phoenix Verb by Exponential Audio

That’s eleven plugins in total for the price of $49. Keep in mind that the bundle is available for a limited time only and the offer ends on June 30th, 2021.

If you’re a fan of iZotope’s software, now is a good time to upgrade your current plugin collection.

Or, if you still don’t own any iZotope products, here’s a great way to get eleven of their best-sellers for the price of $4.50 per plugin.

The Giveaway: Enter Now! 🥳

iZotope kindly provided 5 FREE copies of the iZotope Community Appreciation Bundle. We are giving these away to five lucky Bedroom Producers Blog readers.

Two free copies are available on the website (post a comment below to enter), two on our Instagram profile (follow @bpbmag and tag a friend to enter), and one in our Facebook group (join the group and post a comment to enter).

For clarity, here are the three ways to enter the giveaway:

  1. Post a comment on this article (2 randomly picked winners);
  2. Tag (@) a friend on this Instagram post and follow @bpbmag (2 randomly picked winners);
  3. Join our Facebook group and comment on this post (1 randomly picked winner).

The lucky winners are:

  • Silvio Justo: k***************[email protected] (comment section)
  • Cele: f******[email protected] (comment section)
  • @the.sangers (Instagram)
  • @_mr._pahadi_ (Instagram)
  • Gabriel Bezerra (BPB Facebook group)

Congratulations to our lucky winners! Check your email/DMs/messages for the license keys. Everyone else, thanks for reading BPB! We have more giveaways coming soon.

Only a single comment per entrant is allowed on each platform. However, you can enter the giveaway on all three platforms to triple your winning chances!

The winners are selected randomly using automated software. We will announce the winners on BPB, Instagram, and Facebook on Monday, June 21st.

Good luck and thanks for reading BPB! ❤️

More info: iZotope Community Appreciation Bundle ($49)

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Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Isahir Utria


    Estaría buenísimo ganar el paquete, y gracias por las noticias a diario! Saludos desde Argentina…

  2. Magnificent! Thank you for this type of opportunity to get quality plugins and for this excellent information blog about the best free or promotional plugins.

  3. Thank you so much BPB for the opportunities you bring for the community! Good luck to everyone participating in the giveaway!

    • Even if i don’t win this…i’m still gonna be really greatful for all the free amazing plugins i’ve gotten from reading this blog…thank you sir.

  4. bart walravens


    I’ve been fond of ozone since the very first time I used it, which was the green lookin version on a Pentium IV. it ate RAM like godzilla but what a sound!

  5. Love this site! Would love to buy the bundle (need Stutter Edit!) – but simply can’t afford it this month…
    Good luck all!

  6. Jimmy De Keersmaeker


    Thanks BPB for keeping us up to date with the lastest news, the amazing freebies and giveaways!

  7. Rahul Rokade


    Izotope plugins are very useful to get desired sound quickly. I already have a few plugins in this bundle. Would love to get them all to explore.

  8. I would really like to get this bundle for my music creation workflow and would love to explore them.

  9. Wow. That’s why BPB is my favourite website. You guys are doing a great job for the music producers and artists community.



    It will be nice to win a copy of Izotope products. Izotope makes some of the best products required for song making.

  11. thnks BPB for doing another giveaway…best of luck to everyone who’s participating for the giveaway

  12. Would love to win this. I have always wanted to experience izotope’s top rated plug ins and would be eternally grateful. Good luck all

  13. Anurag Verma


    Wow thanks for arranging this giveaway I really like this bundle but only 1 problem I have as bedrooms producers is money fu.k.
    Please choose me please

  14. I’m a little teapot, short and stout. This is my handle, this is my spout. When I get all steamed up, hear me shout…

  15. Wilson Sierra


    Hello I have Ozone Elements, but i want the entire bundle, thanks for your great effort weekly given to us!

  16. Alfredo Fernández


    iZotope one of the best companies and I have longed for complements of this company for the work that the vsts do I hope to obtain a license and good luck to all

    And BPB success that this site continues to grow more

  17. 😔😩😍😘❤️✌️😳💁😑👀👀😳😩😏😉😇🥰😗🥸🤪😇🤬🤯😱🙄🤭🤌🏾👇🏼🤌🏾🤌🧠👅👄👥👮‍♂️👵🧑👩‍🦰👨‍🦯🧑‍🦽🧑‍🦽👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👨‍👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👯👯‍♀️👩‍👩‍👧‍👦👕👚👝🥿👜🩳🦁🎩🐽🥻🙉🩴🙈🦑🐯🦕🐌🐦🐢🦅🐬🦙🐬🐈‍⬛🦓🐎🌴🌍🐲🌓🎍🌓🍀🥀☘️🌘💐🌨🌘🥦⛈🫒🌩🫑🌩🍠🌫🥕🍌🫕🥯🥘🥞🦴🍿🍙🥜🍤🍼🦪🫖🥄🎽🥄

  18. How nice :) iZotope makes great stuff. I already have some of these, but I’ll be sure to send the extras to close friends who really could use some plugins. Much love.

  19. Good luck everyone this would be a fantastic pack to win, I really do hope it’s me, but I’m sure who ever wins it is very deserving of it

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