iZotope Summer Sale: 92% OFF Bundles & Crossgrades


iZotope’s ongoing Summer Sale at Plugin Boutique offers up to 92% assorted bundles. The sale will be active throughout the month until June 30th.

The majority of the sale features crossgrade and upgrade bundles, which are perfect for existing iZotope users.

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For example, you can crossgrade to the Everything Bundle for just £429 if you already own the Music Production Suite 4 or RX 8 Advanced.

The iZotope Everything Bundle has a retail price of £2,149; so, that’s quite a saving. I know if you qualify for this crossgrade, it means you’ve already spent significant money on iZotope products, but it’s still a massive discount.

Also, if you own a previous version of the Music Production Suite, you have the offer to upgrade with a 50% discount.

If you don’t own any qualifying products, you can purchase the Music Production Suite 4 for £429 (usually £859). If you were then to crossgrade to the Everything Bundle at £429, it means you’d pay a total of £858 for a collection worth £2,149.

I won’t detail every plugin involved, but here are the featured bundles:

  • iZotope Everything Bundle
  • Tonal Balance Bundle
  • Mix & Master Bundle
  • Music Production Suite 4

I want to highlight the Tonal Balance Bundle and the Mix & Master Bundle because they are available as upgrades from ANY paid iZotope product.

The Tonal Balance Bundle is a particularly good value at £171 (usually £622). It includes some plugins you can put to work often; Neutron 3, Nectar 3 Plus, and Ozone 9 Advanced.

I’m aware that highlighting sales like this one that would still see you spending hundreds of pounds might seem like a bit of a stretch for some. Especially when we, as a community, look for the best cheap or ideally FREE plugins.

So, my honest take on iZotope is that the products are very expensive at the high-end; there’s no getting away from that. And, I’m certainly not someone who thinks that the best tools are always the ones that cost the most.

However, while I can’t speak on every single iZotope plugin, the ones that I use are of outstanding quality. I was a frequent user of RX Advanced through several versions for some time.

I don’t doubt the quality of iZotope software at all; the question is, what will you get out of it?

It’s far too much money to spend on plugins that rarely get used. But, if you put them to work often, they are worth every penny, and just like a new instrument or hardware, it’s a career investment.

As a side note, I’d add that developers that sell expensive high-end plugins often seem unapproachable, but in my experience, iZotope doesn’t merit that description. I’ve been lucky enough to get multiple freebies from them over the years and might look to pick up a bundle now.

More info: iZotope Summer Sale (offer ends on June 30th, 2021)

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  1. Two of their exponential audio plugins are also on sale right now (Pluginboutique). You can get Nimbus (Algorithmic reverb) and Excalibur (Multi-effects) at 90% off their original price. Both are really good plugins, especially at this price point. Only downside is the Ilok, luckily no dongle is needed.

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