June 2021 Deals & Freebies For Music Producers


The summer officially begins in one week, but the Summer Sales are already here! And here’s our round-up of the best music production software and soundware deals and freebies for June 2021.

As always, the article is organized into three categories: Software Deals, Soundware Deals, and Freebies. The best deals are highlighted in red and our favorite deals are highlighted in orange. Any coupon codes that need to be applied at checkout are bold.

Once again, we count on you, dear BPB readers, to share your favorite deals and freebies in the comments section below. The best suggestions will be added to the article.

Thank you for your continued support, you are the absolute best! 💖

Software Deals

Soundware Deals


  • T-RackS Classic Clipper by IK Multimedia is FREE for a limited time.
  • PreSonus Fat Channel XT is FREE with any purchase at Plugin Boutique this month.
  • I Heart NY Compressor By BABY Audio is FREE when you sign up for a Loopcloud trial.
  • Savage Melbourne Bounce Bundle 1 is FREE with any purchase at W.A. Production.
  • FirePresser by United Plugins is free with any purchase at ADSR Sounds this month. Thanks to BPB readers Aris and Mike B for the info!
  • Bassaker 808 virtual instrument by Beat Magazine is FREE at Audio Plugin Deals for a limited time only. The offer ends on June 25th.
  • Unique Drum Collection by Ghosthack is available as a FREE download for a limited time.
  • Nocturne Sounds offers the Trashcan (£4.99) sound library as a FREE download when you sign up for their mailing list.
  • Not exactly a freebie, but we are giving away 5 FREE COPIES of the iZotope Community Appreciation Bundle.
  • NEW! 🕒 Spread Light (€49) by Yum Audio is FREE for a limited time only. Thanks to BPB readers Aris, Numanoid, and Christian H. for the info!
  • NEW! 🕒 Analog Invader by Velltone is a FREE soundbank for Sylenth1.
  • NEW! 🕒 Seismic by Slate Digital is a forthcoming drum sample pack. Sign up now to get the collection for FREE on June 23rd.

You’re welcome to suggest your favorite June 2021 deals in the comments section below. Enjoy and THANK YOU for reading BPB! :)

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Thanks for everything Tomislav & BPB, some awesome deals here & some reading to do 😊 🔊🔉🔊🔉🔊

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey PureFire, thanks for the kind words! It’s always a pleasure to publish new content on BPB! :)

  2. I appreciate the freebie, but there is a lot of hoop-jumping for that £5 Trashcan Kontakt library. I received 5 emails in total in order to get the serial. And then on top of that got to use Pulse Downloader to get the product.

      • Yes, however it is not a big problem, I already got it installed, I just wanted to alert others so they knew upfront

    • Just wanted to mention that support emails were very friendly, & helped me sort out a coupon issue that came up. They mentioned that they just started, still small & new-ish web system, & would appreciate any help getting the word out.

  3. Great list.

    Plugin Boutique’s Izotope deals are stunning. Some are upgrades or crossgrades. Today I got the tonal balance bundle – nearly £1k of advanced AI mixing and mastering software for £170. I already had a free deal on Ozone Elements and loved it.

  4. Thanks BPB for this list, I didn’t even know that IK T-Racks Classic Clipper was free for now.
    Keep this up.

    • Unfortunately it seems that Computer Music is moving away from offering plugins with every magazine. I just got the latest issue (CM297), it comes with no new plugin, instead only sample content (Ultimate Breaks). Of course the CM Vault is included, but that is included with every issue.

      • Correction: the issue comes with Melda CM Pluck, for use with Melda Player :-) It was difficult to see from the front page, the DVD sleeve only states sample content included.

  5. I faced an empty coupon issue with Nocturne Sounds Trashcan, but support emails were quick & friendly (could be the founder him/herself writing), & helped me sort it out immediately.

    They mentioned that since they just started, still small & new-ish web system, & they would appreciate any help getting the word out, so here’s this comment. ;)

  6. As part of the Cherry Audio Voltage Modular 1000 module celebration until June 30, there are 40 free VM modules in the Cherry Audio store.

    • Did somebody hack Cherry Audio site? I visited it earlier today, when it was OK. But when I try to go there now, I get a big alert from Firefox “Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead”
      “Websites prove their identity via certificates. Firefox does not trust this site because it uses a certificate that is not valid for cherryaudio.com. The certificate is only valid for docs.cherryaudio.com”

  7. 5 plugins for $10, Make Music Day Bundle @ PluginBoutique. Most of them have been on sale earlier, but here is chance to get them if you missed out before:

  8. Flux Mini, free multi FX by Caelum Audio, updated this month, get it at Plugin Boutique:

    • Note: Even though it is free, the plugin is activated with a serial, and one has to be online when doing that.

  9. Wusik has updated and added new GUI’s to their free plugins: GTX, TL1 and DLY1

  10. Orchestral Toolbox MAX Edition: 4 Kontakt (full version required) orchestral and vocal libraries, a total of 20GB samples, 90% off, selling for £33,75

  11. Electrum (amplifier/pedalboard) brings 16 types of cabinet simulations combined with 21 alterations, over 300 models. On sale at 90% off, costing $19

  12. SawSage Lite is a free wavetable synth courtesy of Keys magazine (the full version can be bought for €20).


  13. Michal Ochedowski


    It’s been a few days and I haven’t seen any comment regarding Daichi Lab Synth1. On 19th of June new updated version was released for Mac OS. Unfortunately in the same news Windows version has been discontinued. I was surprised to see any updates for this classic instrument. At least Mac users are well covered.

    • Synth1 is working great in Windows 10, the thing I am mainly missing is a bigger GUI. The same goes for Green Oak Crystal

      • Michal Ochedowski


        A few weeks ago I made a search specifically about Synth1 and Windows 10 compatibility. I found mixed reviews. It’s up to different system settings I suppose. There was one user who couldn’t access LFOs’ shape menu. It’s a bit discouraging that there will officially be no support for Windows. I’m still on 8.1 and probably won’t switch until it will be necessary with no alternative. By the way, Synth1 has option to resize GUI. Doesn’t it work in your system?

  14. June “Insiders gift” @ Fuctions Loops = 77 WAV samples in 138MB material

  15. June free sound pack by Krotos: 25 WAV samples of fabrics, like denim, nylon, plastic netting and wool clothing

  16. Beat Magazine that ships July 7 will come with Pro Tools 1 First which is free for all, but the deal is that it includes some paid stuff like Xpand2

  17. IK Multimedia Syntronik appears to be 80% off costing €50 (if logging in prices may even go lower). It features a 17 Instrument Collections (representing 38 classic synthesizers and string machines) with over 2,000 instruments presets. But it is a harddrive guzzler it requires over 50GB of harddrive space!

  18. Intro deal on new Minipol synth by Karanyi Sounds 34% off

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