Spitfire Audio Releases FREE Organic Textures For LABS


Organic Textures is Spitfire Audio’s newest LABS sound library, and it features manipulated found sounds.

There’s tons of free stuff out there, and we’ve probably covered most of them. But what’s really missing from most offerings is a clear vision. Every major company offers some of its stuff for free, but that’s what it is – just parts of a larger ecosystem.

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Spitfire Audio has done something pretty remarkable – consistently great products as part of a singular, separate line with its own sound, identity, intention, and even visual language.

If someone asked me where to start with free plugins, I’d point them to Labs – they’re that good.

So here’s the next one – Organic Textures.

Organic Textures was made by London-based composer Dan Keen from field sounds he recorded from his backyard and then manipulated using unnamed methods.

Some of the original sounds can still be heard, such as the songs of birds. However, it’s processed in such a way that it comes through as filtered-sounding, evolving pads. It reminds me of the result you’d get by feeding various field recordings and textures into Absynth.

All presets appear to be a combination of two different sounds, with one “leading the other,” so to speak – retaining more of its original characteristics.

What this results with isn’t your typical pad sound – not something you throw in the background of an electronic track or even an ambient one.

What Organic Textures really reminds me of is the old Silent Hill soundtracks of all things – very subdued, slow, and, well, organic sounding. Wobbly and lacking in concrete tonality without being outright atonal.

Of course, the found sounds aspect of it means that it can also find its place in more meditative recordings – you know the ones, the ones in the background of some British lady telling you to visualize stuff or a crazed Dutchman telling you to deep breathe for three minutes.

Of course, the Labs UI – while being simplistic – still allows for some sound manipulation, and you can always EQ and affect stuff yourself.

That’s part of the appeal of Labs stuff, in my opinion – they’re so minimalistic that it’s hard not to think of at least a handful of different directions to take it.

More info: LABS Organic Textures (available in the Spitfire Audio installer, 143.4 MB download size)

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