CVoice1 Is A FREE Pitch Modulation Effect By SNFK Music


SNFK Music releases CVoice1, a freeware pitch modulation effect in VST3 plugin format for compatible DAW software on Windows and macOS.

CVoice1 is a versatile pitch modulation tool. You can use it for anything from applying vibrato to a recording to making detuned stereo unison effects with up to four voices.

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The plugin lets you do quite a lot with its five control parameters. From left to right, the GUI features Detune, Speed, Voices, Stereo, and Voice Saturation knobs.

Detune and Speed control the pitch modulation depth and speed. The speed parameter doesn’t go high enough to enter FM territory, but the available range is sufficient for delivering a variety of pitch modulation effects. You can emulate tape-style pitch inconsistencies, siren-like sounds, and more.

For unison-type effects, you’ll need to duplicate the incoming signal with the Voices knob. You can have up to four copies of the signal and use the Stereo effect to pan them separately for a wider unison sound.

I tested CVoice1 on guitars and synths with some great-sounding results. It’s easy to pull off a vintage-style chorusing effect with four voices and a little bit of stereo spread with subtle pitch modulation. It would also be interesting to try this plugin on some vocals, but I didn’t have any vocal recordings in my DAW when testing.

The last parameter is called Voice Saturation and it’s supposed to saturate the signal. It sounds OK, but I wasn’t really blown away by this part of the plugin. Perhaps a more useful feature here would be a tone control or a low-pass filter.

What I’d love to see in a future update, however, would be multiple waveform types, including a random waveform. This would make it possible to simulate worn-out tape wobble more realistically. A bit more speed would be handy as well.

Other than that, CVoice1 is a great little plugin. It’s well worth the download if you’re looking to upgrade your synths with a bit of stereo unison.

Here’s how the developer describes the CVoice1 plugin:

“CVoice1 is a simple pitch modulation plugin that allows you to create vibrato and unison detune. This is something that I’ve looked for as a producer, but I never found exactly what I was looking for.”

You can download CVoice1 for free from the Patreon page linked below. Donations are optional and supporter’s names will be listed in the plugin when clicking the About button.

Download: CVoice1 (5 MB download size, ZIP archive, VST3 plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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  1. Oooh This seems interesting, but it would be another free Alt of LittleAlterBoy if it had some pitch change and formant stuff like MAutoPitch from Melda. But Cheers Tomislav for another cute vocal plugin!

  2. 48.8 mb Mac download size …
    Let mention there is also AU inside,
    but doesn’t pass Logic 10.1 validation
    (OSX 10.10 Yosemite)

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