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Get 85% OFF Black Rooster Audio VLA Bundle @ VSTBuzz


VSTBuzz is running a limited offer on their VLA Bundle By Black Rooster Audio. You can purchase the entire bundle for just €32 until July 28th.

There are so many praises to sing about Black Rooster Audio’s plugins. I’ve utilized so many of their devices for mixing and have seldom found something that wasn’t useful or enjoyable.

The VLA Bundle is one of their finest offerings. The package is made up of three highly powerful and versatile compressor emulations – The VLA 2A, VLA 3A, and The VLA FET.

You’re probably wondering why it’s necessary to buy three compressors instead of just one? While each of these compressors is pretty nifty on its own, the amount of texture and dynamic you can create with them together is ridiculous.

You’ve probably heard the original LA-2A limiting amplifier across some of music’s most timeless recordings. The compressor is from the 60’s era and sounds amazing for when you need to liven up elements like strings, vocals, or horns. I almost always Black Rooster Audio’s virtual VLA-2A on my master channel when finalizing tracks

The VLA-3A is a 70’s child and carries the signature fullness that came with the era in its processing. I find this device to be particularly useful for adding subtle punch to weightier parts of my mix like my kick, any bass instruments, or a deep male vocal.

Rounding off the bundle is the VLA-FET. This unit comes with a few extended options like an Auto-Fast release mode, sidechaining features, and more. However, I discovered that this particular compressor sounds great when driven to high hell. You can also turn on all the ratio options at the same time to get this tasty grit that I love to use on drums.

The emulators in this bundle don’t come with any fancy dials, displays, or dropdown menus, which makes it a dream for beginner producers to learn.

The VU Meters on each device are also super reactive and there is something so attractive about each plugin’s slick, simple GUI design.

Compression is not an incredibly complex concept, but it can determine the overall quality of a mix or master. I can’t sing enough praises about the usefulness of these plugins. They’re simple, effective, and don’t devour my CPU.

This particular deal from Black Rooster Audio is one you’d be silly to miss out on.

More info: VLA Bundle by Black Rooster Audio (85 % OFF @ VSTBuzz)

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  1. he hablado con la gente de black rooster audio y me han dicho que ellos no ofrecen esa oferta y que por tanto no se puede confiar en ella, aunque me parece muy apetecible, no lo voy a adquirir ya que podría ser una oferta pirata, llenar mi ordenador de virus o estafar me el dinero, me parece muy arriesgado.

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