OSL Side Effects Is FREE With Any Purchase @ ADSR Sounds


ADSR Sounds are giving away OSL Side Effects ($39 value) as a FREE add-on with every purchase

You can pick up OSL Side Effects (usually $39) with any purchase made throughout the month of August 2021.

Side Effects from Oblivion Sound Lab is a stereo field manipulator plugin for macOS and Windows (AU/VST3 formats).

The plugin offers flexible mid/side processing and stereo widening. After the stereo signal is split into mid and side channels, you can alter each individually in various ways.

First up, you have a 4-band mid/side EQ with a visually pleasing and easy-to-use interactive graph. You can quickly make adjustments by dragging the curve on the graph or using the Frequency, Q, and Gain knobs per band.

A not-so-subtle segue here, but another creative and interesting multiband EQ is entropy:EQ+ from Sonible, which we covered not too long ago. Worth a look if you haven’t checked it out yet.

Next, you have mid/side compressors, also with a nice graph and simple controls.

The GUI is nicely arranged, and switching between mid/side EQ and compressors is a simple tab change. I’m not keen on plugins that have tabs and menus that they could do without, but in this case, it’s beneficial.

Moving on, you have tape-style saturation and panning controls available for both channels. The saturation is an addition that I really like on this plugin.

Both the input and output sections have independent levels knobs for the mid and side channels, too.

In terms of features, you might not find anything here that you’ve never seen before. But, what you will find is a combination of features that you won’t always find in a single plugin. It’s that flexibility that makes OSL Side Effects interesting because you can achieve a lot from one source.

Another thing I like about it that is often taken for granted is that you can automate all parameters. It’s one of those things that isn’t always celebrated when available but very much missed when it’s not.

Wrapping up the GUI is a nice visual feedback section that includes mid/side/left/right output meters, a phase meter, and a Stereo Visualizer. A quick glance provides a clear indication of your levels and stereo image.

Side Effects also offers oversampling up to 16X, and seventeen factory presets to get you started.

Overall, it’s a fairly lightweight plugin, too.

If you had plans to buy any new plugins, now would be a great time to check ADSR Sounds stock and grab Side Effects for free while you’re at it.

On a related note, ADSR Sounds just launched an $8.08 offer on the 808 – The Next Chapter sound library, in celebration of 808 Day. It includes 1.77 GB of high-quality 808 one-shots, loops, and more.

More info: OSL Side Effects (FREE with any purchase @ ADSR Sounds)

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  1. I bought MHarmonizerMB by MeldaProd for $30 (50% off) at ADSR, it works flawless with MIDI for back up vocal harmonies. And their OSL Freebie is handy and easy to use. What I like the most is that it can EQ / Compress both L+R channels individually or linked.

  2. Exc!te Snare Drum update.

    MAX FROM CHAIR on AUGUST 9, 2021 1:54 PM
    AU support is now included in the MacOS installer. Logic users on M1 need to enable Rosetta mode for now though.

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