Slate Digital Announces Aurora FREE LoFi Sample Pack (Waiting List)


Slate Digital offers their new sample pack Aurora for FREE starting August 11th, but you can sign up for the waitlist now.

Who doesn’t love Slate Digital? Slate Analog, presumably.

While everyone knows about Steven Slate Drums, Slate Digital is an entirely different beast. They’re most well-known for their series of mixing and mastering analog-modeled modules and for buying great stuff like Sonic Academy’s ANA synth, Overloud’s amp emulations and effects pedals, and Kilohearts.

What you might not know is that they make phenomenal sound packs that are – at least as far as I’ve seen – all been free so far. Actually, they’re free for everyone at launch and then become exclusive to Slate Digital subscribers after a while.

If you download them on time, for free, they’re yours to keep forever.

Slate Digital’s sample packs sound great, they’re massive in size, and once again, they’re free.

Even better, Slate Digital wants to give you the red carpet experience, so you can join the waitlist before the pack is actually released. By far the most exclusive and boujee free sample pack experience out there.

Their newest offering, Aurora, an enormous and lush LoFi sample pack, also doesn’t disappoint. There are still five more days until the sample pack releases, which is on August 11th.

If you’d like, you can listen to the demo below.

In my genuine opinion, it sounds absolutely fantastic – dusty, dramatic, wonky in all the right ways – as LoFi should be.

All in all, you get a ton – 151 Drum Loops, 176 One Shots, 125 Melody Loops, 17 individual Melodic Samples, and 186 Vocal Samples.

Aurora’s copy mentions 500+ samples, but in reality, it’s more like 650+. That’s a crazy amount of samples. Regardless of genre, you’re bound to find something that clicks for you.

All samples are provided as WAV files, so you can use them whenever and wherever you please.

The best part is that this sounds like the real deal – it doesn’t sound like VST instruments with a couple of RC-20s thrown on them – it sounds like legit samples that were chopped and then resampled from old analog machines.

I signed up. Did you? You wanna be cool, right?

More info: Slate Digital Aurora (655 samples in WAV format, available starting August 11th)

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  1. This is Kool, liked lo fi effect synth with beat. The kick has a nice punch to it, it’s clear, easily recognized.
    Great work…..

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