Use This One WEIRD TRICK To Get KONTAKT 6 For $150


Native Instruments offers a 50% OFF discount on Kontakt 6 until September 20th. But there’s a way to get it even cheaper.

Everyone needs a powerful sound module plugin. A sampler with limitless possibilities and an abundance of available sound libraries is a must-have for a modern producer.

If we step aside from the freeware space for a bit, there’s really only one choice – Native Instruments Kontakt and its countless Kontakt libraries.

What is KONTAKT 6 and why everyone loves it?

You know it, you love it, you’ve probably at least used the free Kontakt Player.

Kontakt is ubiquitous for a reason – it’s feature-rich, it looks great, and it’s pretty intuitive. But most importantly, it’s by far the most popular option for sample library manufacturers. Often, it’s the only option they’ll provide.

But it’s also really, really expensive – consistently sitting at around $399.

NI is currently offering it for 50% off, but even that is $200. That’s still quite a lot for a bedroom producer.

But what if we could go… lower. And what if you could nab an additional free product by doing it as well?

What if you could “hack” your way into paying only €124.50 for the full version of Kontakt?

Well, you can. And it’s actually a super easy hack. Here’s how you do it.


Bypassing firewalls. Hacking mainframe. Accessing NI discounts database.

Access granted.

I’m in.


OK, that’s not exactly how you do it. Enough with the memes and “weird tricks” already. Let’s get serious.

Get Native Instruments KONTAKT 6 for $150

Here’s how to get the best price ever for Kontakt 6. It shouldn’t take you more than fifteen minutes to complete all three steps.

  • Step one: Get your copy of Embertone’s free Arcane sound library – it’s a really interesting sampler in its own right. There’s an Ouija board on the interface, you can go into a dungeon. It’s practically a Myst-style adventure game where you unlock instruments one by one. It’s actually a pretty innovative and fun idea, but let’s leave that for after we’re done with Ocean’s Elevening Kontakt. 😏
  • Step two: Install the Native Access (if you don’t have it installed) application and log in with your NI account (or create one if you don’t have one), and register your copy of Arcane.
  • Step three: Log onto the Native Instruments website, go to the Kontakt 6 pricing page and select the ‘Crossgrade’ option. Make sure to select Crossgrade, though, or our entire hack falls apart.

Do this, and you’ll get Native Instruments Kontakt for only €124.50, or about $150. What a steal!

You obviously don’t have to, but I will say this – it’s very, very rare that Kontakt falls this low. And that’s the best price ever for NI’s crown jewel.

Of course, this is all to give more incentive towards buying a Komplete bundle, but if you really want Kontakt and nothing else – this is your chance. And if you own an older version of Kontakt, you should still be able to use this method to upgrade it, so that’s also pretty cool.

Kontakt comes with three Play Series instruments, namely Ethereal Earth, Hybrid Keys, and Analog Dreams.

This method should work until September 20th.

More info: Embertone Arcane / Kontakt 6 / Native Access (affiliate links)

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  1. Although it’s nice, I think to get komplete(standard ver or above)is still better choice,considering you will have much more great stuffs from NI besides Kontakt.You can waiting for big sales time like Black Friday to 50% off.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      That’s true but it really comes down to one’s production workflow and needs. Kontakt is by far my most-used NI product (playing mostly free Kontakt libraries) and I probably wouldn’t use 75% of what’s included in Komplete if I owned it. Then again, some other producers will definitely find Komplete to be the best bang for the buck. It all depends.

  2. It’s $124.50 in US dollars too. At least that’s what they charged me. They do add tax though. Plus they give you an upgrade path to Komplete Standard or Ultimate with $200 discounts on each.

  3. I can get Komplete 13 update for €199. I think I will hold out until the launch of Komplete 14 to think about upgrading.

  4. I am really the only one who don’t like Kontakt? Ahhhah. But good to hear this trick with Arcane works again. Maybe one day I’ll get it (though not a fan of NI in general).

  5. Thank you for this. Finally Kontakt for working class. Hopefully they will not force all free libraries to be updated to the newest version when it comes out.

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