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The PPG Wave is a blast from the past. Originally introduced in 1981 the unit is one of the first wavetable synths that pioneered a lot of the sounds you still hear in modern music production. This emulator has recreated all the fundamentals of the original model synth and added a few of their touches.

This device comes with a titanic range of sonic choices on hand, and you can layer up to 256 layers of polyphony – as long as you have a machine that can handle that much processing. The sounds used are from the original synth sample library, and designer Wolfgang Fram has added an extra 100 exclusive new sounds.

Here’s more info about the original instrument:

“PPG Wave 2 was the very first digital Wavetable synthesizer with analog filters that allowed completely new worlds of sound and endless sonic possibilities. Shortly afterward, the successor PPG Wave 2.2 came out and was born to make history. With a gigantic arsenal of waveshapes, it could not only reproduce known analog sounds, but also brilliant choirs, bells and whistles. The digital sounds of wavetables had been unheard until then and offered sensational sonic evolutions by smoothly going through 64 waves back and forth.”

Waldorf has nailed the layout and GUI of this classic synth and has also made it fairly comprehensible so that even novice users can navigate the controls comfortably. Users can build soundscapes in the browser window, and perform more precise adjustments using the editor.

The PPG Wave 3.V plugin comes with a healthy selection of knobs and dials for meticulous sound design. The synth features two wavetable oscillators with up to 32-bit resolution, a 4-band equalizer, and two ADSR envelopes for complex modulation.

The synth also hosts some nifty effects for further sonic enhancement. The stock effects include an overdrive, phaser, a 6-stage chorus, flanger, stereo delay, and reverb. The latter two effects are terrific for creating extra-wide spatial dynamics for your sound design.

The Authentic Aliasing of the PPG Wave allows you to toggle between various versions of the synth from the 2.2, 2.3, or 2V versions. You can also choose to bypass this mode to create more personalized versions of your sounds.

I am a big fan of this synthesizer and all of the sonic options that it hosts. It’s perfect for a wide range of genres and moods, the user library is extremely generous, and it boasts a nearly endless supply of modulation choices.

PPG Wave is available in VST2, VST3, AU, AAXnative, and NKS formats. The plugin is compatible with Windows 7 or higher, Apple OS 10.9.5 as well as Big Sur.

More info: PPG Wave 3.V (89% OFF @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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  1. A great offer, but I am bit worried that it has been abandoned by Waldorf, it hasn’t been updated since 2014 AFAIK; and it really is in need of a bigger GUI for today’s hi-res screens.

    • Jiri aka Rivermint


      You are right about the size of PPG Wave 3. But honestly the sound is beautiful and Im glad I did this deal. Thank you BPB.

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  3. Interesting moment, in official site you can downloads installer presets with Bonus
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