My Crush Plugin Is FREE For All denise Newsletter Subscribers


denise offers the brand new My Crush (€108.90 value) bitcrusher plugin as a FREE download to all new and existing newsletter subscribers.

My Crush is a bitcrusher plugin with some handy additional features. It comes with a frequency analyzer, six EQ curve presets, pre-gain and post-gain filters, and a fun “stutter” effect for destroying your audio even further.

At its core, though, My Crush is a digital lo-fi effect. It borrows the bit crushing algorithm used in denise’s more expensive Bite Harder plugin.

The user can fine-tune the sample reduction and bit reduction parameters before moving on to the filtering and stutter effect adjustments. You can also tweak the mix amount, input/output gain settings, and save your favorite presets for later use.

Speaking of presets, My Crush comes with a set of patches crafted by Florian Meindl, a Berlin-based music producer.

The plugin sports a minimal user interface reminiscent of other denise plugins. The GUI is easy to use and fully resizable, with clearly labeled and intuitive controls.

Here’s how the team at denise describes My Crush:

“We wanted to create a fun and inspiring crusher, with the same brutal power of the Bite Harder, but the simplicity of preset controls and a way to shape your sound in a quick and inspiring way. My Crush gives you the possibility to create the same, classic bit-crushing tones and audio destruction, in a simplified way, for no cost at all.”

My all-time favorite bit crusher plugin is definitely Krush by Tritik, but I’m sure that My Crush will prove to be a useful sidekick. That built-in stutter effect is a nice way to spruce up a build-up section of any project.

My Crush is priced at €108.90, but you can get it for free if you sign up for a denise user account and subscribe to their newsletter. While signing up, don’t forget to select the “mailing list subscription” option.

After signing up and confirming your email address, add the My Crush plugin to your shopping cart, continue to checkout, and the price will automatically drop to zero. Of course, make sure that you’re logged in to your user account for this to work.

My Crush is available in VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstation software on Windows and macOS. Only 64-bit plugin hosts are supported.

Download: My Crush (FREE when you sign up for the denise mailing list)

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