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VSTBuzz is busy running a massive discount on the Vektor sound library (requires NI Kontakt) by Nova. Until the 10th of October, you can purchase the library for just €19.

Vektor is a cinematic string-based instrument. It’s a valuable tool for any producer or composer looking to add to their collection scoring or sound design instruments.

This instrument utilizes a massive 3GB sample bank as the sound source. The sample content ranges from natural-sounding organic strings to ones that have been morphed through various effects or recording techniques.

A few samples were recorded in a 13th Century Abbey – talk about trying to capture that truly “vintage” and “spacious” sound.

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Users can stack up to four layers of samples on top of each other to create more prominent, more dynamic sounds. You can also add your samples to the library using a simple drag and drop function, which will give you extra room to create more personalized sounds.

Each sample (known as a source in the Vektor interface) has independent controls that allow the user to adjust the EQ and shape the envelope. You can also set the filter’s cutoff and resonance parameters for each source.

These sources can each be independently tweaked by way of a Movement editor panel. This panel lets users shape the envelope fundamentals such as the Speed, Depth, Rate, and Smoothness of each source’s respective oscillations.

There is a healthy selection of sound modulation options on-hand in Vektor.

Two XY Pads take up either side of the UI and provide the primary movement options. The Source Movement Pad allows you to set the blend of each of the respective samples in your sound stack. A modulation panel lets you control the filter parameters of your overall output signal.

At the end of the signal chain on the Vektor device is an FX rack with a humble but lush array of spatial and tonal effects for further enhancement or coloring. Effects in the rack include a dreamy chorus, distortion, the classic phaser, and a delay.

Vektor has a ton of presets to help kick off your sonic aspirations. For the more curious, there’s a randomization function that affects every parameter on the device. You can also save any sounds you conjure up for later use.

Overall, Vektor has a lot more to offer than a simple increase to string arrangement arsenal.

The movement, blending, and modulation options add incredible depth and dynamic to the stock samples and breathe a unique life into your productions. Fans of composers like Hans Zimmer should take full advantage of this offer while it lasts.

More info: Vektor (78% OFF @ VSTBuzz)

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  1. This is an excellant instrument. Got it a few weeks ago at Loot Audio for more money :( It’s versatile, sample import is great. And you can go from that “on the edge of silence” sound to more bombastic. The random feature does produce useable results. Reccomended for ambient, edgy, scandi type stuff.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey Bemused, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I haven’t tested Vektor but I’m tempted to purchase it now. I’ll check out some demos, cheers!

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