ModeAudio Stasis Melt 10% OFF Discount (GIVEAWAY WINNERS ANNOUNCED)


Mode Audio recently released Stasis Melt (€23.70), a collection of royalty-free synthwave loops. We have an exclusive 10% OFF code for everyone and two FREE copies for two lucky BPB readers.

Stasis Melt is a collection of 476 files, including 172 Music Loops, 92 Drum Samples, 90 Synth Tail Samples, and 122 MIDI Loops. In other words, it has just about everything you need to go “full Blade Runner.”

I mean the original Blade Runner, of course, not the 2049 reboot, for which Ryan Gosling owes me almost three hours (Editor’s Note: Come on, he wasn’t bad at all. Jared Leto as the main villain, though…).

Before moving on, I feel like I should acknowledge Vangelis and his 1982 movie soundtrack masterpiece.

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Stasis Melt is all about bringing back the golden era of synth soundtracks. The included Music Loops cover all the core elements of building a track. They include Basslines, Pads, Arps, Synth Leads, and Drum Grooves, all of which are very well put together.

The irony of a great sample pack is that its success is often the thing that puts people off. If more people buy it, more people use it, and it becomes less appealing. Despite being a sample hoarder, I’ve bypassed overused collections in search of something less familiar, too.

Some sample packs sound great on the demo but leave you thinking, “I like it; what else would I do with it, though?”

It’s like buying a LEGO DeLorean; you can break it down to its parts, but it only fits back together one way. I know a great producer can flip any sample, and that’s true, but I’m thinking about ready-to-use sounds rather than chopped beyond recognition.

Not all collections suffer at their own success, and some offer much more flexibility in individual parts.

That’s what I like about Stasis Melt, I won’t use it exclusively every time, but I can drag single or multiple elements straight into my project.

For example, I might take a Cmin Arp pattern and put my own Abmaj9 pad under it, changing the emotion. It’s a simple thing, but the more you can recycle samples in this way, the more you control the light/shade, tension/release, and the easier it is to sound unique without too much work.

Stasis Melt provides MIDI Loops and the single hits used to make the drum machine loops for extra flexibility. I also like that it includes Synth Tail Samples because it’s that kind of attention to detail that makes the difference sometimes. Mostly, as an 80s movie and soundtrack enthusiast, I like that it’s unapologetically 80s.

Stasis Melt provides both Acid WAV and REX2 files for all Music Loops and Synth Tail Samples.

The Discount

ModeAudio offers an exclusive 10% OFF discount on Stasis Melt for BPB readers. Use the coupon code STASIS10 at checkout to apply the discount to your order.

The code is only valid if you’re purchasing Stasis Melt (it won’t work on other libraries), and it expires on November 15th, 2021.

The Giveaway

We are giving away two FREE copies of ModeAudio Stasis Melt to two lucky BPB readers (thank you, ModeAudio! ❤️).

To enter the giveaway, answer this question in the comments section: What is your favorite 80s movie soundtrack?

We will pick the winners using a random comment picker on Monday, October 25th.

The winners are:

  • Philip Arickx
  • Rogue Reaper

Congratulations (and check your inboxes later today – your free copies of ModeAudio Stasis Melt should be there soon)! 🥳

Everyone else, better luck next time, and thanks for reading BPB!

More info: Stasis Melt (use coupon code STASIS10 to get 10% OFF)

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    • Dear Mode-Audio and B.P.B.,

      I have had many favorite movie soundtracks.
      My favorite movie soundtrack now, is soundtrack Chariots of Fire by Vangelis.
      I am a composer myself I feel it is well written composition that has stood the Testament of time. Where many songs have faded overtime this song is still heard today. I would have to say that My second would would be Edward Scissorhands Theme by Danny Elfman. My third movie theme song would be The Neverending Story by Limahl.
      Thank you for your time.


  1. Has to be Back to the Future. Although as an animation fan, I do have a soft spot in my heart for Oliver and Company. 🐈

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