Get NI KOMPLETE Future Classics Collection For $99


Plugin Boutique offers a 73% OFF discount on the KOMPLETE Future Classics Collection by Native Instruments.

KOMPLETE Future Classics Collection is currently available for $99, making a saving of $267.68 compared to the regular $366.68 price tag.

Native Instrument is known for its stellar hardware and software. The KOMPLETE Future Classics Collection bundle consists of four products: SUPER 8, FORM, TRK-01, and MOD PACK.

Let’s briefly explore the features of these plugins.

Super 8

SUPER8 by Native Instruments

Super 8 is a polysynth inspired by the warm, rich, and vintage synthesizer sounds of yesteryear. You can choose between basses, leads, and pads using the dial-up presets.

There are over 550 presets to choose from, emulating iconic synths by Roland, Oberheim, Sequential Circuits, and others.

Two oscillators can be synced, mixed, and folded in FM oscillation, using the digital sliders to give your sound a digital edge. You can apply low-pass, band-pass, or high-pass filtering using the ADSRs to make additional changes to the filtering and amplifier envelopes.


FORM by Native Instruments

Form is an easy-to-use sampler that can transform one-shot samples into completely new sounds. Drag and drop an existing sample into Form’s interface to make it the synth engine’s primary oscillator.

The instrument lets you can control pitch and formant independently from the playback speed. You can also use an additive oscillator to further modify the harmonic content.

Use the OSC FX to shape the sounds by modifying the wave and applying frequency modulation. There are over 400 presets to choose from and you can add further enhance the sounds with built-in delay and reverb effects.


TRK-01 by Native Instruments

The kick drum module of the TRK-01 is based on a combination of two sonic layers: sampled or synth-based. Each layer has its drive and multimode filter.

You can sculpt the sound of this combined kick further using effects, envelopes, and sequenced modulation. The master tune setting prevents bass frequency clashes by tuning the kick sound to it automatically.

The Bass module has five engines ranging from saws to sine subs. The ‘Ducker’ module lets you sidechain effects, EQ, FX sends, and other parameters.

There are independent step sequencers for the bass and kick modules that can be used to control not just functions such as note-on, velocity, pitch, length, and gate but also to draw in sequence modulation using the Parameter Focus.

Mod Pack

The Mod Pack consists of three main modulation effects: chorus (Cholar), flanger (Flair), and phaser (Phasis).

Choral is a chorus effect with four distinct sound modes:

  • ‘Universal’ is a clean, modern, digital sound inspired by classic hardware choruses;
  • ‘Synth’ emulates the lush 80s synthesizers with their ‘unison’ choruses;
  • ‘Ensemble’ is modeled after the BBD (bucket brigade device) choruses of string synths of the 70s;
  • ‘Dimension’ references the early 80s’ rackmount chorus sound.

The flanger, Flair, offers three different modes:

  • Each voice functions as a normal flanger in ‘Standard’ mode;
  • In ‘Thru Zero’ mode each voice is duplicated but modulations are not added to these. Thus you can get a heavily emphasized flange sound as you increase modulations;
  • In ‘Scan’ mode, the voices play consecutively like an arpeggiator instead of being stacked like a chord. The order is set by one of the three waveforms.

Phasis offers multiple phaser sounds that can be modulated and automated independently.

The Future Classics Collection bundle is available in 64-bit for both Windows and macOS users. One needs the free REAKTOR 6 PLAYER to use this product.

More info: KOMPLETE Future Classics Collection (73% OFF until October 31st, 2021)

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  1. For the money, this is an awesome deal.

    I’ve got these already as part of Komplete, but if you like to twist & tweak your sounds to oblivion this is your choice.

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