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denise offers a 60% OFF discount on Bite Harder (€6.76 with coupon code BPBBH60) until November 1st, available exclusively at BPB. We are also giving away two copies of Bite Harder to two lucky BPB readers (winners announced).

About a month ago, denise offered the My Crush bitcrusher as a free download for their email subscribers.

The company also released Bite Harder (€29.04, intro price of €20.45), a bit crusher and equalizer plugin available on Windows and macOS.

Crushing could be a very destructive process, but the gentle and susceptible controls on the Bite Harder make crushing a dynamic and creative exercise. It may not suit all production styles, but the visual EQ should help anyone experiment with bit crushing.

Bite Harder comes with a push/pull EQ system, which remarkably simplifies the process. The “push” part is a six-band EQ that you can use to modify input even before there is any.

The result is a seamless monitoring experience and allows for on-the-spot changes. Modifying the curve is easy – you’re done when you’ve modified the handles to your liking.

Bite Harder’s EQ also allows you to solo out a track so you can monitor and make changes to it without having to tweak the entire mix. Instead of dragging the handles, you could also simply input the input values on the line above the analyzer for more fine-tuning needs.

The high-pass and low-pass filtering stages make the experience more hands-on and allow you to make changes wherever the track needs.

The beauty of the plugin lies in the bit crusher. Instead of using conventional sample rate values, Bite Harder lets you input percentages, making the value changes smoother and allowing them to flow better – a boon for live performances.

This also helps you find spots between previous conventional sample rate values that you might need for your project.

Before you splurge on this, you can try out denise’s free bit crusher plugin – My Crush. It works on the same algorithm but with simplified controls for a faster workflow. All you’ll have to do is subscribe to their newsletter.

The ‘silky’ effect of the Bite Harder is another sweet spot. When switched on, it does two seemingly wholly different things.

It reduces the overall “noisiness” of the track by reducing traces of source noise from the output signal. The final sound is smoother without the fuzz from bit-crushing and also more mangled.

Despite being a plugin, Bite Harder works a lot like an instrument. You can use automation to make the process more seamless, along with the wet and dry controls that help you achieve the perfect distortion your project needs.

Here’s a quick video that demos both Bite Harder and My Crush:

The presets give you a good range of tracks to base a mix on, and we see the plugin coming in very handy for live DJs and producers.

Bite Harder does everything that other bit crushers can achieve with a layer of added EQs, but the ease and freedom of use are what make it so unique. This is a must-have for anyone experimenting with lo-fi or noise music, or even punk and hip-hop.

Use the coupon code BPBBH60 to get 60% OFF until November 1st.

IMPORTANT: Users have to add the plugin to their cart and then apply the code at checkout to get the discount. The code will not work if you input it without the Bite Harder being in your shopping car.

More info: Bite Harder (use coupon code BPBBH60 to get 60% OFF at checkout)

The Giveaway 🥳

We are giving away two FREE copies of Bite Harder to two lucky BPB readers (thank you, denise! ❤️).

To enter the giveaway, answer this question in the comments section: What is your favorite 90s video game? 🕹️

We will pick the winners using a random comment picker on Monday, October 25th.

The lucky winners are:

  • Alex Satt
  • mplagin

Congratulations! 🏆 (keep an eye on your email – your prize will arrive soon)

Everyone else, better luck next time, and thanks for reading BPB!

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