Plugin Boutique: FREE Plugin With Every Purchase In November 2021


It’s not unusual for Plugin Boutique to offer up a freebie, and we have four to choose from this month. You can choose one free plugin with your order until November 15th, 2021.

Maybe it’s just my generation, but I can’t see or hear the words “it’s not unusual” without picturing Carlton dancing.

Anyway, Plugin Boutique has four plugins on offer until the 15th of November, 2021. As always, you can claim your free plugin with any qualifying purchase, which means paid items only. You can’t use Virtual Cash or a coupon to pay the entire amount, but anything under 100% is allowed.

The freebies are an AAS Sound Bank, Mastering The Mix LEVELS, Heavyocity PUNISH Lite, and United Plugins Autoformer.

Customers are allowed to claim one copy of each if you make four qualifying purchases, of course.

AAS Player and Sound Bank

Applied Acoustics Systems created these soundbanks using some of their instruments like Ultra Analog VA-3 and Chromaphone 2. If you choose this option, you get the free player and a choice of any soundbank from over 40 available.

The sound banks cover an extensive range of instruments, and styles, from acoustic guitars, to retro synths. If you own any instruments that AAS used to create the presets in the sound pack, you can open presets as a fully editable patch inside the instrument.

Heavyocity PUNISH Lite

PUNISH Lite ($49) takes the essence of the famed PUNISH plugin and crams it into a single knob (well, almost).

You don’t have the dedicated Compression, Saturation, Transients, or Equalizer sections of the full plugin, just In/Out levels and the main effect knob. More importantly, you do get total carnage should you want it.

Mastering The Mix LEVELS

I picked up LEVELS ($59.99) during a previous Plugin Boutique giveaway, and I liked it a lot. The thing I like about it most is that it makes everything very easy to understand visually; it helps identify problem areas and understand how to fix them.

It has presets for CD, Streaming, YouTube, and so on; a very handy plugin.

United Plugins Autoformer

Autoformer ($107) is a plugin that can help you get from a good-sounding track to a professional-sounding track. It has three main sections, Preamp, Balancer, and Compressor.

The Preamp offers three types of saturation, British, US, and German, that come from Front DAW, a console emulation plugin we previously featured.

The Balancer (leveler) and Compressor are far more transparent, offering precise dynamic control. Ideal for vocals, voice-overs, and bass.

Whatever freebie you choose, there’s value to be had here. If you don’t have anything specific that you need/want to buy, it’s time to hit Plugin Boutique and sort by price, cheapest first, right?

More info: Plugin Boutique (FREE plugin with any order until November 15th, 2021)

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    • Too bad, but that is just a thing one has to get used in the plugin world over time. I have paid for dozens of plugins, that have become free or given away free like this offer. Can’t let it ruin my day.

  1. Thank you James. I’m looking at getting SoundSpot Paradox and Levels as bonus. I know, SoundSpot plugins are a bit hit-and-miss, but Paradox is available at a steep discount (as it often is) and has a great push-pull EQ as well as an RMS & peak comp with a great visual reference, similar to FabFilter stuff:

  2. A good week for plugins this, just got the new issue of Computer Music (CM302) which comes with an updated CM version of the Fathom modular synth. It is so nice to have a product delivered as straight .dll files for 64 and 32 bit. No registration or installation :-)

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