Waves Berzerk Distortion Is FREE For A Limited Time @ Reason Studios


Reason Studios offers the Berzerk Distortion ($99 retail price) plugin by Waves Audio as a FREE download for a limited time.

Berzerk Distortion is a creative distortion effect developed by Waves Audio. It features ten different algorithms which can be customized to deliver a wide assortment of distortion types.

The plugin usually costs $99 (currently on sale for $29.99), but you can get it completely free of charge via Reason Studios for a limited time only.

To get Berzerk Distortion for free, visit the promo page (linked at the end of this article) and enter your email address. You will receive an activation code that you can redeem at Waves Audio’s website.

We covered Berzerk Distortion in detail when it was released in 2019 (read our original Berzerk Distortion article for more info). It was Waves Audio’s special Black Friday freebie two years ago.

Speaking of which, Waves announced a brand new Black Friday freebie which will be released on November 26th this year.

You can hear Berzerk Distortion in action in the demo video embedded below.

The plugin can deliver some very cool distortion sounds, but I never know what to expect from it. It’s certainly not my go-to distortion plugin.

Sometimes I use it as a sound design tool, especially if I’m out of inspiration and looking to “spice things up” while working on a new sound. I’ll load Berzerk Distortion on a channel, browse through a few presets, and either keep it or simply remove it and try something else.

The interface looks cool, but the control scheme never really “clicked” with me. If a preset sounds close to what I’m looking for, I’ll blindly rotate the Temperature and Density knobs and hope for the best. To be fair, I’m just being too lazy to read the manual.

Don’t get me wrong, Berzerk Distortion is definitely worth checking out, especially now that it’s free (again).

Here’s more info about the plugin:

“The go-to plugin for wild, deranged, creative distortion: 10 all-original distortion shapes, advanced feedback, pitch, dynamics, sidechaining, and M/S options for versatile experimentation—plus the ‘Go Berzerk!’ button for randomized, unpredictable distortion madness.”

Berzerk Distortion is free for a limited time only, so hurry up and get your copy. Visit the promo page linked below for more info.

Download: Berzerk Distortion (FREE for a limited time @ Reason Studios)

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  1. Nice freebie for those who missed it 18 months months ago, I think this is the second time it has been free ?

  2. I’ve tried to download it multiple times but never got an email. I heard others are having this problem too. Any advice?

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